Santino Galletti



Santino Galletti
Baby Bird
White, Italian (Sicilian)
Hair Color
Rosy brown
Eye Color
173 cm / 5'8
March 30th
Blood Type
New York City area
Lammergeier Syndicate Underboss (Capo Bastone)
Image song
Voice claim
Oshi mark

Santino Galletti

Santino Galletti is the son of the Godfather in the Lammergeier Syndicate, next in line after the eventual retirement/death of his father. He currently works (loosely) as the resident Underboss/Capo Bastone. Being 19, he doesn't have many responsibilities yet and has growing up to do before he can take the role seriously. He's a first generation American, him being born in the US with his father being an Italian/Sicilian immigrant. His syndicate alias is "Baby Bird".

Arrogant, short-tempered, and irritable, Santino was born into his role of Underboss with an ego inflated to match. He spends most of his time flaunting his inherited money and power with material goods, especially to win over others. Though because of his generally awful personality, the people he meets and calls his friends or even lovers only stay with him because of the money he's willing to spend with them. He prides himself on being a womanizer, both resenting women as a whole and chasing them down because he caught feelings for them in a short timespan. Even if he does hate them, it doesn't stop him from chasing their attention for his own social gain and satisfaction. Santino says that women treat him like an item, but truthfully his attitude is what repels them once they start to see his true colors.

He believes that as the next Godfather, he'll change how the entire structure of the syndicate as soon as he takes over. He talks a big game but in the end, he's too young and inexperienced to understand how things work. Others in the syndicate don't particularly... Like him. He acts like a brat and always assumes things will go his way, and most times they do. He uses his status and fortune to buy his way out of everything, never learning from his mistakes because of his father's lenience. No one will actually say how they feel about him to his face because of this, though. Others around him just hope that he becomes more mature with age. Despite his edgeiness, he loves his father and doesn't want to disappoint him.

He has a particular distaste for Valentine, who also openly hates him. Neither of them know what started their rivalry, but it continues to burn on in the years they've known each-other. Santino usually takes the route of making jabs at his appearance, but not directly to his face. He's secretly afraid of agitating him in fear that Valentine will retaliate with his similar short-temper, only ever making remarks at him when Aurelio is around to control him.

Generous --- Temperamental

Headstrong --- Materialistic

Persistent --- Close-minded


  • Expensive clothing, silk and leather
  • Women (?)
  • Being in control
  • Attention
  • Clams, seafood
  • Arancini
  • Bucatini all'Amatriciana
  • Gelato
  • Red wine


  • Valentine
  • Women (??)
  • Others different than him
  • Being talked down to, especially because of his age
  • His alias
  • His father's bird


  • Valentine (for his unpredictability), though he'll never tell you that
  • Spiders, insects
  • Birds inside buildings, real ones or not (superstition)
  • Children


  • Provoking and irritating others
  • Drag racing
  • Gambling, illegally of course
  • Basically anything his father doesn't approve of


  • He calls his father "Padre".
  • Santino's father named him after the character in The Godfather. He still refuses to watch it because its "old."
  • Unlike his father he can't speak Italian, only knowing some basics even with his father insisting he learns more.
  • He isn't a "made man". He believes others should do the dirty work for him in that regard. Or is it also a fear of his?
  • He still drinks alcohol despite being under the age limit.
  • He considers his birthmark his biggest charm point.
  • He enjoys a good power trip over others.
  • His voice gets higher when he's angry.
  • Maybe he's an ass to cover up emotions... Maybe.

Voice claim: Yuri Lowenthal

Image song: Elephant - Tame Impala

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He was created on September 2nd, 2020.

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