Merciless Magician Prim



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Proper (sister), Macbeth (bodyguard)


“Merciless Magician Prim” is a powerful spell-caster who only answers to the will of the evil Sorceress Proper. She's a cocky trickster who favors illusion magic and stylishly humiliating her enemies. Her magic is fine-tuned to compliment her acrobatic finesse and deadly precision.

Prim is often seen accompanied by her sister's construct, Macbeth the Breaker, and treats it like a little brother. When she's feeling lazy, she orders the living armor carry her around. Sometimes she just does it for dramatic effect.

This character was designed by Oolongearlgrey.


Tale of Two Sisters.

Two elven sisters inherited a small house with a library from their late parents. The older sister was born with a condition that caused her eyesight to slowly deteriorate. It made it very hard for her to take care of her infant sister, and she felt like the world was slowly taking away one of the few things that made her happy. The thought of not being able to see her beloved sister grow up ate at her heart.

By the time the younger sister was old enough to walk and talk, the older sister had become completely blind. The younger sister switched roles and now took care of her older sibling. Utilizing the large library they had, she would read to her older sister to keep her entertained.

One day they found a mysterious book that the older sister could actually see. It was a cursed spell book. The older sister became obsessed with it, practicing day and night until she found the spell to commune with the dark entity. The spell failed, leaving one of her arms disfigured... but it gave her something much more: sight. They both had tears of joy in their eyes. This evil power gave the sisters something they thought they would never have again. The older sister made a pact with the dark entity to master the power within the book.

On that fateful day, Prim willingly sided with a force of darkness. Her main concern is to save her sister's life by any means necessary, even at the expense of others.