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✦ Basics

NameBenjamin D. Cox
Age60 in 1921
EthnicityEnglish, a little bit Dutch, and a little bit Scottish - his ancestry goes all the way back to the Mayflower, so his family has been in the States for 200+ years. 
OccupationDean of the Faculty of Law at Ambrose Law School
✦ About

Benjamin D. Cox is the esteemed Dean of Ambrose College's Faculty of Law.

The Dean sees Sam as a nail that needs to be hammered down, while Sam finds the Dean to be beyond irritating and a control freak, especially with how the Dean is concerned with more than just getting him to pass his classes. ⁣

The Dean is a “moralist” who wants to “help” Sam by moulding him into what he thinks a “normal” student should be. He wants him to join the football team (although Sam is not athletic and doesn’t want to), go to church and join a Protestant Bible study group (although he knows Sam’s an atheist from a Jewish family), etc. The Dean subconsciously sees his beliefs and preferences as the “law” the students should obey. ⁣

What angers Sam the most is that Dean Cox has an an implicit bias against non-Anglo immigrants and their second-generation children. Dean Cox represents the how law school was at the time (during the 1920s) an “old boys club” dominated by rich Anglo-descended families who have been in the USA for at least 5 generations. Dean Cox’s family has been in the US since the Mayflower and he can trace his ancestry back to the original settlers and colonies of the 17th century. ⁣

Sam, as we know, is a second generation American with Yiddish-speaking, atheist, left-leaning Russian-Jewish immigrant parents. He grew up in a mixed class neighbourhood dominated by Jewish and Italian (mostly Sicilian) immigrants. He is proud of his Russian-Jewish-American identity and his Yiddish language. ⁣

Dean Cox, however, is someone who implicitly thinks most immigrants come from a "less advanced" culture and believes they should totally assimilate and leave non-English languages and cultures behind to “become true Americans.” This is in spite of the Dean's claims that he is open-minded towards all cultures.

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✦ Appearance

The Dean is around 170 cm tall and he stands up very straight.  His glasses often slide down his nose 

✦ Likes
Rules, cleanliness and "fairness"
Making sure Ambrose Law School stays at the top of the law school rankings every year
Writing, research, debate
Ambitious and hard-working law school students
✦ Dislikes
Uppity students who don't agree with him
People who have no manners
People who don't make an effort to fit into the mainstream culture of Ambrose Law School
People who don't "make an effort" to fit into mainstream American culture
✦ Details












✦ Backstory

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✦ Relationships
Sam AbramovThe Dean often clashes with Sam because he sees Sam as a nail that needs to be hammered down. He does not like how Sam is failing some of his classes, has an "I don't care attitude" and isn't involved on any sports or mooting teams. 
Tom MelbourneThe Dean considers Tom to be a model student, since Tom is not only a top student, but also on various sports teams and mooting teams.

✦ Trivia
● The Dean is obsessed with politeness and acting proper, but is actually very judgmental. 
● The Dean likes Tom Melbourne quite a lot and considers him a model student. 
● The Dean is always looking for a way to boost the ratings of Ambrose Law School. He wants Ambrose to remain one of the top law schools of the country. 
● The Dean was a model student in his youth and has written a number of books (mostly about constitutional law and ethics).

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