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  • Terranne

  • Age 52
  • Gender Female
  • Race Human
  • Occupation Potter, Trainer
  • Favored Type(s) Ground


Long ago considered one of the greatest threats to the Galar Pokemon League Champion, but was permanently disqualified for unknown reasons. Ended up living in Stow-on-Side, and became the apprentice of an old pottery master. Has three adopted kids that she took under her care because it seemed like fate.

Amicable and good-natured, she's able to easily befriend others and treats everyone with respect and kindness without exception. Values her friends deeply and always makes sure to be there for them if they need her. Determined to let nothing get in the way of her dreams, and has set out to achieve them no matter what. However, when her relationships get mixed up in her goals, she's burdened with conflict and has difficulty deciding which is more important. Selfless to a fault, and often helps even total strangers if she's able to. Many people find her extroverted and bold personality difficult to deal with, but she holds no grudges against those who dislike her for it. Uneducated and has a hard time with things like technology. Not easy to anger, but she gets VERY heated and stays that way for a while

More than anything else, her kids are paramount. Nothing exceeds them in importance, even setting aside her own reservations as long as they're kept happy, safe, and healthy. Learned the importance of compromise and communication from becoming a foster mother, but still has problems with being more strict and harsh with them when she probably needs to be.

"I'll teach you somethin' about Ground-types, and it's not all dirt and clay!"

height 5'10"/178cm

build tall and scrawny

origin Crown Tundra, Galar

sexuality Heterosexual


  • throwing clay
  • getting messy
  • her kids
  • Ground-types


  • doing laundry
  • sweets
  • cold weather
  • cheaters


  • kind
  • honest
  • passionate


  • stubborn
  • blunt
  • dense


Grew up on a farm in the Crown Tundra with her "grandmother", a mean old lady who wasn't actually related to Terranne by blood. Abused and mistreated by her guardian, she often took care of the farm by herself. Living a tough life in the cold, snowy Tundra made her a rugged and strong person, unafraid of the wilderness and self-reliant. When her grandmother passed away suddenly, she realized at that moment that if she lived all her life on a secluded little farm, nobody would even know her name. Taking her faithful Mudsdale and bidding her old life farewell, Terranne swore to become the strongest Trainer that Galar ever saw, and set out to become the Champion.


A controversial yet surprisingly popular Trainer, she quickly grew on fans for having a unconventional battling style. At the time, Galarian Ground-type Trainers preferred using Sandstorm to it's full advantage, whittling away slowly at the target. But Terranne was different in that she used brutal and hard-hitting moves while emphasizing resilience against attacks. Many criticized her for such barbaric and hamfisted techniques, but the battles that resulted from her vicious and unapologetic battling style proved to be entertaining, tense, and thrilling. Her devotion to a harsh training regime using elements of nature itself made her and her team both hard to take down, earning the title "The Unstoppable Force and Immovable Object".

While taking on the Galarian Pokemon League, she gained three close friends and rivals, the four of them all strong Trainers in their own right, each specializing in different types of Pokemon. One of them in particular was out for her and on less friendly terms, determined to remove her as a threat to his campaign to become Champion and to spite her for declining his romantic advances.

On the day before the semi-finals, Terranne was suddenly disqualified without further explanation, simply told she was "violating the rules" and promptly removed from the roster. Left completely in the dark as to the actual reason why, she left Wyndon that day without further notice to her other friends, and was gone without a trace or even a goodbye.


When she gave up being a Trainer for good out of despair, she retired her old Mudsdale and gave it to a small orphanage to comfort and protect the children there. Then, she went to Stow-On-Side, remembering for some reason a passing interest she had in a local pottery store. The only one who ran the shop was more than happy to take her on as an apprentice, and soon the old pottery master even told her to take over after he was gone. Though she dedicated her life to pottery, she still couldn't truly give up Pokemon battling and often invited travelling Trainers to battle her in the nearby route, keeping both the Pokemon she still had and her skills as a Trainer sharp for many years.


When she heard the news that the orphanage where she had left her Mudsdale burned down, she rushed there right way. To her shock and sadness, her beloved Mudsdale had passed away, suffocating on the smoke from the burning building. Terranne then learned that it was because it went out of its way to save 3 kids, the last orphans living there before the orphanage was to close down. The moment she laid eyes on the three of them, an older boy huddled together with another boy and a girl, she knew it must be fate and decided to take them all in. She's been looking after them ever since, the close bond they all share with eachother as strong as ever.


[ Son/Apprentice ] The oldest of her three kids, and the responsible and mature one. Treats her more as a mentor than a mother. Helped immensely in raising his siblings. The only one of the three kids that is learning how to make pottery and helps stock the store. Calls her "Miss Terranne", but sometimes lets "Mum" slip out.


[ Daughter/Employee ] The middle child, but somehow the most spoiled one. Works in the pottery shop with the rest of her family, but wants to be a Trainer. Loves to dance, and uses a lot of social media. Because of her personable ways, she interacts with customers the most. Calls Terranne "Mum".


[ Son/Employee ] The youngest by just a few months, helps his family run the pottery shop. Loves to make music and often has his siblings help him in his endeavors. Usually in charge of displays and advertising. Considered a sort of butt-monkey, but is loved regardless. Calls Terranne "Annie".


[ Pokemon ] Considered to be Terranne's "ace", capable of Gigantimaxing. Caught it as a Silicobra after going on a wild goose chase after it when it stole some of her berries. Used to hate eachother, but now they're as close as ever. Still a huge glutton, though.


[ Pokemon ] Cheeky and a bit of a prankster, like an average Ghost-type, Terranne caught it as a Sandyghast when it tripped her in a sand pit it dug. Tends to tease the other Pokemon and Terranne's kids a lot, but ultimately only pulls harmless pranks.


[ Pokemon ] A lazy bum, but one of the smartest Pokemon on Terranne's team, often outwitting opponents and even it's own Trainer. Really just wants to do whatever it wants, but willing to battle if promised something in return.


[ Pokemon ] Has a great sense of humor and doesn't mind losing at all. The most playful of Terranne's Pokemon. She found it as a timid Sandile on the Isle of Armor.


[ Pokemon ] Very hard to read, kind of intimidating. Doesn't seem to react to much, but is definitely the strong and silent type. Second only to Sandaconda in strength. Only Terranne herself seems to understand it's needs and wants...


[ Pokemon ] Travelled with Terranne in her young Trainer days, faithfully protecting her from everything it percieved as a threat. Retired after Terranne was disqualified from the League, given to a small orphanage as a sort of therapy Pokemon. Died saving 3 children from a fire that burned the orphanage down, having suffocated on smoke. A statue of it was built as a memorial at the site of the fire, which sits undisturbed to this day.


[ Old Rival ] Second member of her old group of friends as a Trainer. The man that ruined her career as a Trainer. Specializes in Poison-type and Dark-type Pokemon. Held a grudge against Terranne for rejecting his advances, and for being far stronger then himself.


[ Old Friend/Rival ] Third member of the group. One of Terranne's closest friends, even calling her "Annie". The two often got along just fine, despite being total opposites in personality. Specialized in Normal-type Pokemon. Fell in love with Dwayne, and eventually married him. Her taste in men is extremely questionable.


[ Old Friend/Rival ] The fourth member of the group, who went on to become a Gym Leader. Hasn't heard from Terranne since she disappeared the day before the semi-finals. Didn't know she was disqualified and assumed she forfeit, since that was the official reason given as to why she was suddenly removed.


[ Godchild ] The daughter of Dwayne and Marguerette. Was shocked to find out she existed, let alone Dwayne and Marguerette got married and even had kids. Warmed up to her quickly, calling her often, exchanging letters, and sending parcels packed with souvineers and various other goodies. Considered Gretel's godmother because Marguerette asked her to be whenever Marguerette decided to have children. Treats her the same as Einn, Zai, and Drye, much to Gretel's annoyance.

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