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The rising sun . Vermilion Bird . x . 

Venus, Aphrodite, Ra, Eos Zhū Què, Hestia 
Life, Passion, Pleasure, true love, Reincarnation, Summer
Ageless (mid-20's)





Home Plane:
 Hanging gardens of Babylon

Likes & Dislikes

Soap Operas, Trashy Romance Novels, feeding the pigeons, gardening, children, coffee ice cream, new foods, carbs. so many carbs, thrift storesLong shifts, sour foods


There is a bird in love with its death
Who, for the sake of a new beginning
Will burn itself alive. - Resurrection and Ashes

Down to Earth, can't stand seeing other people make mistakes, too forgiving, craves validation, absolutely has gone on more dates than any living creature in existence but just cant seem to have a functioning relationship.  


  • Hair color: Red
  • Eye color:  Soft green
  • Skin tone:


A little plain, straight tired red hair, freckles, longer legs than torso proportionately. Shapely but not overly so.  Usually wearing scrubs because she's getting off work or something comfortable and not overly showy, values practical clothing over things that are extravagant.

Vermillion Bird

A phoenix of larger size than the normal counterparts. The large head crest reminiscent of a peacock with long flaming tailfeathers. It's wingspan of nine feet streaked with color like that of a rooster, deep emerald colored feathers, pinks, golds all surround its plumage. One of the seven feathers upon her head is missing however, taken when she decided she might have want of companionship. 

True Form - Sol

She has never had a reason to use this form, and as such not a single person in this world has seen her change to this form. She has found no reason to unleash the full cruelty of the sun. A woman made of flame burning too bright for most to look upon, let alone draw near. In this form she could only ever seek destruction. 

Abilities & Skills

  • Healer  Be it through tears or by her own hand the Vermillion bird herself she is an accomplished healer of both physical, mental and emotional pain. And even with a 7th of her power gone into that of another creature she still has an extraordinary amount of power.

  • Fire/Light/Heat Manipulation - As both the Domain of the Sun and Summer she is at her strongest during the day, and when the sun is highest in the sky. Always warm to the touch

  • Swan Song- A song of healing or harm depending on the key and notes she sings. Often times she sings to the dying these days and to calm the distressed.

  • Empath - 

Solar Eclipse - 

Every so often the sun is absent from the sky making her more venerable than she was before.

The Hanging Gardens: A realm seated in the sky, the sun in the perfect position so that the underside of the islands provides solace for the birds of the night, and the creatures of the day. It is marked by the series of Islands, each of different temperature and biome to provide for all of her children their optimum comfort. Travel through each island is possible by will and not by flight alone though most find that the gift of flight is granted to them when they visit these floating isles. The largest of them houses her own chambers, surrounded by the lush forests she remembers from the brief moment of quiet at the beginning of Time.


The light was the first thing she remembered, looking on at the world through the lush green leaves of a garden. She would head south, taking with her a song she would sing to the creatures of this world. And as she went she marveled at this strange new world they had been left to take care of while their creators had disappeared. And as this new world began to breath and time marched on her brothers and sisters each found their seats of power. She stayed for a time pretending, dancing with the fae and taking in their songs. But even then these things did not please her, not enough.

She simply wanted more, more attention, more affection. More than any creature in this world had to give. And as such she thought she knew enough of the world to attempt something never done before. And she broke her crown, plucking out one of her own feathers to form for herself a constant companion. She named the companion Amadeus whose affection for her never seemed to cease. Though eventually she would come to realize her mistake when his affection turned to obsession.

What she had made was not a perfect attendant but a creature made from her own lust, and thusly even a perfect specimen could not fill her heart with what she wanted. Realizing this, Amadeus only tried harder to win her affection, eventually straining the relationship enough that the two would come to head fighting in the skies above through the night sky. Now with her mistake made visible, plain for all to see her failures she would cast him herself into Oblivion. Reclaiming a portion of her given power she swore never to create in this way again for she now realized that this was something only their creators were capable of.  

The War in Egypt


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