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would you accept art on them? 

they are not up for trade sorry

Oh, ok ^^ sorry for disturbing ^^;


Heyyy sorry for the late reply! Are you still interested? 


Awesome! Is it the same email as always? <3


Sent an invoice! <3

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50 usd :0

Nyaruhodo_ posso ofertar 2 bustos sketches e 1 busto pixel se você tiver um pouco de paciência! Se tempo não for um problema, claro.... Acho que você já conhece meu estilo de arte!

i can offer 18$ and maybe a bust ? art example : https://toyhou.se/chuupew/art?page=1 and maybe anyone on my th ?

Can someone in this folder like you?

Nyaruhodo_ I can offer humanoid art and humanoid characters Feel free to look around my TH ^^


Felt in love with the design omgies I can give you anyone from here, you can even pick multiples! (The only one I cant give with multiples is the pink haired boy with kimono, the rest can go all together >u<) https://toyhou.se/KonoMofu/characters/folder:345826