TBN's Ownership

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Character Permissions

Can be regifted
Can be retraded
Can be resold

Design Terms of Use

Yabaii Global Rules

TERMS OF SERVICE By obtaining any of my designs you immediately agree to these terms, so I recommend you read them for your own good (very big so you won't miss it)

  • Resell for more than you paid unless there's extra art (just please don't take advantage of this to overprice them)
  • Turn them into adoptables (ex: redesigning them just to sell them)
  • Add the worth of the character you traded for onto them (ex: traded a character worth $200 for my design, my design is now magicaly worth $200 too! WOW MAGIC)
  • Claim the design and/or it's original art piece as yours
  • Make twins of my designs and sell/trade them separately or add one onto the worth of the other. They're the same character.
You can check my complete terms of service here

I won't accept bullshit like "oh I have the right to disagree / I never agreed to these terms", if you don't plan and neither never planned on following them, then simply don't fucking get my designs, go look for another artist out there that are willing to deal with your shit. As simple as that.

You will either respect my work and myself as an artist or you fuck off

If you actually cared about reading this, then thank you for being one of the very few people with empathy out there in this greedy ass community.

btw please don't add tags with my username(s) under a character just because I drew them, you're not only being an asshole trying to trick people into thinking you have a design by someone they like but you're also being disrespectful towards the character's original designer