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Jet Russo



Name Jet Russo
Age: 15
Height: 164,5cm
Birthday: 22.9 (Virgo)
Gender: Male
Orientation: Gay
Type: Human
Alignment: Lawful Good
Music: X & X & X
HTML: lowkeywicked & vom
... Leon was the first person to talk to me here, and for the longest time he was my only friend. So, I do my best to pay that back - although of course Leon would never allow me to do anything for him if I told him this.
8ZojSvK.png A third year student Jonathan meets on his first day at Lottenberg's boarding school. Although silent and strongly introverted, Jet is the diplomat of his respective friend group and is good at detecting the feelings of others. However, due to his scars, people are afraid of approaching him, thinking he is the son of a mafia boss or some sort of criminal - someone they should respect, but not talk to. As such, poor Jet doesn't really have friends beyond his small group.

He is very intelligent and is always seen carrying a book with him, delighting in reading and indulging himself in both fact and fiction alike. A fair and compassionate friend, it's truly a shame others are unable to see Jet beyond his scarred appearance.

Leon is Jet's best friend, and unlike Walter and Leon, Jet is not opposing Claude as strongly. Instead he wishes for Jonathan to keep his guard up, but to come to his own judgment on Claude's character, rather than just blindly trusting what others say about him. However, as not to create bad blood between him and Leon, Jet usually feels inclined to agree with him, or at least not talk back to him when the topic is about Claude and the numerous accusations directed at him. He's also a friend to Rick and to some degree feels responsible of him as someone older than Rick.


Jet is a young man with a slender, somewhat lanky body still in the process of growing. He has a pale skin that burns easily, and dark brown hair with bright blue eyes. He has strands of visibly longer lower eyelashes, and combined with his usually nervous exterior they tend to give off a rather gloomy impression of him - not doing any favors to his already scary reputation. However, many note that the bright color of his eyes is beautiful, especially against his dark hair and long, dark eyelashes.

Despite his still young age he has a relatively mature facial structure with a strong jawline, even further encompassed by the dark scars going over his left eye and ending on his throat. While Jet makes no cosmetic attempt at concealing his wounds, he prefers talking to people so that his non-damaged side of the face is facing towards the person, and he instinctively tries to keep his scars hidden.

He's usually seen wearing the Lottenberg boarding school uniform and carrying a book with him.


  • Knows sign language due the fact his mother is mute. Their family communicates through both spoken and sign language, resulting in Jet sometimes starting to sign at people when he's particularly excited or distracted. He also tends to tap and knock objects a lot as a habit from home: they have pipes everywhere in the house, and usually communicate with other family members by knocking them to tell when food is ready etc. 

  • Amazing face memory; can remember people's faces in extreme detail and can usually also tell where he saw people and when

  • Fast reader & knows a lot of titles and likes giving personalized recommendations to others. Nothing delights him more than being able to recommend people the kind of books they really end up enjoying.
  • Despite his lack of many friends, Jet has a high level of emotional intelligence and is very empathetic. He has a good understanding of the feelings of other people, and is generally fast to notice if someone is feeling uneasy or sad.


  • Due to his scars, most boys think Jet is some mafioso’s son and fear and respect him - a huge reason to why Jet doesn’t have many friends and why he is so used to being alone. He usually doesn’t talk about his scars and doesn’t like it when people stare at them, but he has gotten somewhat used to it and doesn't find it nowhere as upsetting as it once was to him.

  • Jet and Leon are good friends with each other, and used to share a room during Jet's first year in Lottenberg. While very different from each other with Leon being loud and social, they respect each others’ differences and mutually wish to learn from each other. He also got Leon into reading.

  • Picks up worms from the busy road during rainy days when nobody can see him.

  • Scared of girls due the fact he received his scars from a girl. However, as Jet doesn't want to make anyone feel bad, he tries his best to pretend he is fine in the company of women, even if he remains jumpy and is clearly on the edge.

  • Out of the entire group, he and Jonathan are the most alike.

  • Really enjoys fishing, although understandable doesn't really get to practice the hobby outside of his school vacations.


A quiet young man, Jet can appear as a rather distant individual to those who don’t know him well. He doesn’t usually take part in the things most other boys do, and if it wasn’t for his classmate Leon, it’s questionable whether Jet would have any friends at all. Despite being seen as distant, Jet’s heart is in the right place and he usually won’t hesitate to do what he feels is right. He is very considerate and kind towards people, and he usually understands social situations fast and reads the mood very well, making him something of a diplomat of the group. However, he has no public charisma to speak of, and as such people often don't pay enough attention to him to hear what he has to say, or alternatively Jet's words come across as clumsy.

Jet has a forgiving and reassuring nature, which is why his friend often turn to him when they have troubles or need encouragement. He is usually also the one who stops his friends from doing something insensitive and dangerous, although is hardly beyond joining the less dangerous but equally foolish shenanigans especially if Leon is involved. However, while Jet greatly values the feelings of others, he tends to keep his own things often secret from others: his self esteem can be quite low at times, and as a result he often feels like his problems aren't worth talking about, or he doesn't want to burden others with his "trivial worries" when others "have much more on their plates". He is also prone to being conforming in his actions, especially when it comes to his friends: he doesn't want to lose the few friends he has, and sometimes places their opinions above his own.

He pays a lot attention to small details, and can appear as surprisingly sensitive to other people when they learn this about him. He thinks of himself as boring and his appearance somewhat unpleasant to the point it's clear his self esteem isn't the greatest, but simultaneously has a good idea of his own strengths and weaknesses.


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Jet comes from a upper middle class family, his parents relatively wealthy but very humble. His home town known for its high percentage of lakes compared to its overall size, explaining why Jet is so fond of the presence of water. He spent his childhood playing with his older brother and going fishing and boating with his family - they did a lot together ever since Jet was small, and as such the bond of the family is extremely strong and loving.

He received his facial scars when he was 12, in an incident involving a girl slightly older than Jet. Since then Jet has not only been afraid of girls, but has also been treated as something of a social outcast due to people's fear over his appearance: always treated with fear and disgust no matter where he went, Jet became a hermit and distanced himself from his peers, preferring to be alone and reading books than trying to socialize with people. Although his parents tried to push their son to make more friends, all their attempts were in vain: other children would only avoid Jet.

Jet started in the boarding school at the age of 13, his parents sending him there with the hopes a new place with new people would help Jet come out of his shell and make fiends again. On his first year he roomed with Leon and Chris, the former becoming his best friend very fast upon their initial meeting.


Leon Millan

[ best friend ]

A charismatic upperclassman, and Jet's best friend. The two used to be in the same room during Jet's first year. Jet feels indebted to Leon for showing him so much kindness, and would do anything for him.


Jonathan Linden

[ new friend ]

A new student in Lottenberg, Jonathan'social yet sensitive character goes quite well along with Jet's. Although he's still new, Jet feels at ease with Jonathan - even if he knows Jonathan has some secrets to hide.


Walter Harvey

[ friend ]

The jokester of the group, Walter has a sharp tongue and the wits to match. He talks a lot so Jet doesn't have to. Despite their wildly different temperaments, there is a mutual respect between them.


Rick Lewis

[ friend ]

A temperamental first year, Rick sometimes feels younger than he is, but Jet knows there is a much more mature side to Rick that puts even Leon to shame at times. Perhaps because of the brotherly relationship between Leon and Rick, Jet also feels quite protective of the boy.


Claude Lovelace

[ troublesome character ]

A fickle and flirtatious second year, Claude's reputation among Jet's friends is far from good. However, Jet himself doesn't exactly hate Claude, and actually feels a little worried for his safety at times. However, Jet would never admit this to Leon and Walter.