Heatwave Nargacuga



2 years, 8 months ago


(points at them) funny little fella I like a lot

In comparison to the regular nargacuga's dark black sheen and fierce shining red eyes lurking among the forest, the heatwave nargacuga lives solely in ashen forests- those of which are born and die by the fire. In comparison to the regular nargacuga which primarily uses its bladed wings and tail to attack, the heatwave nargacuga primarily relies on the species' natural speed in order to shoot out pillars of verdant flame at foes, and its softer wings to glide away from danger. The flames that stem from the heatwave nargacuga are theorized to contain natural boric acid that stems from a natural pouch within its body. While heatwave nargacuga can be just as aggressive as their regular brethren, due to their comparative structural weaknesses, heatwave nargacuga are often found to flee battles they find are unwinnable. Hunters have noted the more cautious nature of the species is the most prevalent within this subspecies, a behaviour that unfortunately makes the heatwave nargacuga more wary of traps compared to other monsters. Heatwave nargacuga seem to pick their battles carefully, and flee (while attacking) when they consider a situation dire- if you're on the hunt for one, ensure that you keep track of it.