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Basic Info




Of the Hounds of Artemis; The Hero of the Thunderbird






Ghost (formerly a deathless hound)


Aromantic Asexual (ghost default)




Iota | Co-Protagonist of Homestead Ghosts | he/him

Long ago, the goddess Artemis had a pack of loyal hunting hounds. But over time, she lost her strength and retreated to a place far from this world, leaving her hounds behind. She gave them one simple task - protect the boundaries of the Olympians' old empire. Each hound was given a tract of land to paruse and patrol. Unfortunately, without their master around, the hounds lost their diligent nature and wandered around the world, observing humans and the change of borders and cultures. All of them except for Iota. And when Artemis came back in 1960, she singled out Iota from the pack with a heartfelt blessing of thanks. Which didn't do much for Iota's popularity in the group. It took these dogs 50 years, but they finally cornered Iota and killed him, sentencing him to the deepest pits of Tartarus in a jealous rage. And he would've gone there... if a big-hearted demon hadn't found him first.

Iota is loyal, friendly and eager. Just like he was in life, he's filled with that special kind of boundless enthusiasm only dogs can muster. Ready to take on anything, Iota's fearlessness crosses over into pure foolishness at times, but he's a lovable fool and genuinely impresses others with his bravery and can-do attitude. He relies on his best friend Asiago for strategy and cunning, two things he really lacks. He can come across as annoying and scatterbrained at times, but in his heart he just wants to be loved by the people around him and love them in turn.

During Homestead Ghosts, Iota is a regular ghost except he has the power to engage a "cursed" form when he's severely agitated. At the end of Homestead Ghosts, the Thunderbird rewards Iota with a special scarf, a weapon called the Thunderstick and a guaranteed spot in Elysium for being his hero. When he appears in Chapter 4 of Heroes of Thantopolis, he has spent nearly a year in Elysium and needs Cyrus's help getting back to camp for the day.

Iota has a special speech pattern - he tends to draw out his vowels and exaggerate them when he speaks. Usually this is represented by me adding a lot of the letters together (ex: "sooooooo," "amaaaaaazing.") Imagine him having a bit of a sing-song voice.