Priscilla (Design Notes)



Main notes


  • Female: 26 y/o
  • 5'7" - 170cm
  • Has a black star tattoo on her upper right thigh.
  • Has sharp shark teeth! Typically prefer to draw her with wide, open smiles or other strong expressions to showcase this!
  • Eye color: Teal base -> Yellow inner -> Pink iris. It is okay to draw her with darker irises.


White rabbit silhouette present only on right. It is okay to draw the rabbit with an expression, or blank and solid as it appears in her reference artwork! The back of her jacket reads "Prime Time!". Feel free to use the image directly from her reference sheet! Please draw her jacket unzipped and open!


  • Wild and chaotic. Feel free to take liberties with poses and expressions to convey this how you'd like!
  • When her hair is down and out of her twintails, she wears her scrunchies on her wrists.
  • Owns a baseball bat covered in pink bunny silhouette stickers (like on her jacket arm). Feel free to include this!
  • Ring on left ring finger. All nails painted on each hand.
  • Five earrings. Three small, round, lobe studs (right). Large star stud in lobe (left). And one small upper cartilage stud (left). Pictured in reference sheet.