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Real Name: (Unknown Name)
Stage Name: Zuruami
Meaning: A combination of "Orizuru" and "Origami".
Title: The Origami Magician
Gender: Female
Age: 20 years old

ARMS Appearance: White origami springs.
Height: 6'2" (183 cm)
Weight: 5.32 kg
Affiliation: Tekuimo Artsu

Personality: Quiet, Cold, Crafty
Hobbies: Origami making, Balancing
Likes: Origami, Challenging others, Curry
Dislikes: Pop music, Ramune, Mimes (Metamfiezomaiophobia)

Unique Abilities:

  • She can gain flight by triple jumping. This ability lasts until she is knocked down.
  • Once charged, she summons paper origami birds that are animated and home in opponents.

Main ARMS:

  • Crane: A white and swirly green and yellow outline bird with a wind attribute. This one lets out a tornado when charged.
  • Paraze: An orange and white-flamed umbrella with a fire attribute. Once charged, the inside is orange and emits fire, which can knock down opponents. Much faster, but lacks manual control.
  • Reblossom: A muted pink perpetual rotating spring-loaded mechanism ARM with a wind attribute. It fires out 3 pink missiles and has homing system. Doesn't spin normally, but will spin when charged.