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Name: Kiri
Nicknames: Ki (Rare), Kiki (Mild insult)
Species: Aerospear (Species belong to LastyGhost)
Gender: Female
Age: Roughly 3 million years old
Birthday: Redacted
Sexuality: Asexual

Color palette: Light cyan, blue, and white
Traits: Most of the traits are on the rare spectrum, but the mutation is there are 'stripes' in place of spikes on her arms where it emits flames in her horror form, which is considered legendary. She also has spike whiskers and has 2 whiskers on her head and they have tiny spikes that causes frostbites and hyperthermia, which is also a mutation as legendary. She also has cyan fangs when she takes off her face mask.
Accessories: A dark blue face mask that covers her mouth.

Special Notes: Never attempt to cheat by criminal act or harm rabbits. This will trigger her horror form and a definite death note.
Likes: Shiitake mushrooms, rabbits, honorable fights, reading
Dislikes: Cheaters, her parent, people harming rabbits
Facts: She can make the whiskers on top of her head vanish if she wants to. This is to treat it as a mechanism for self-defense.



The Aerospear species belong to LastyGhost. They are an open species.