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Elliot Dinkley
Genderqrx7Elo.png(cis) [she/her]

Elliot is from a story I'd like to make fully! So I'm not going to be spoiling the larger pieces of it. The elevator pitch is that the fictional tropical Island of Happy one day becomes not so tropical — so four kids go on an adventure to figure out why. And Elliot is one of those kids! 

Behind the Scenes:

Starting this story is kind of all over the place. I never have written a story with children main characters, and thought it would be a good challenge to try to do so. The first drawings I have are dated March 2019. Going into the summer though I got more attached to the idea, and now this year it's moved into a more main interest. 

Despite not wanting to super delve into these characters since I'd rather save them for actually making the story in a proper way (either a comic or a game if I could muster it) I still share them here to encourage friends to ask me about them or just to show that hey! I'm working on more in the background I promise.


  • Elliot and Anthonyhave been best friends for years, and have known eachother since they were babies (their parents are friends), though Anthony and his family moved recently so they're not next-door-neighbors anymore. 
  • Elliot is a very "outdoorsy" and loves sports. 
  • She's very quiet and isn't very liked by her peers (save for Anthony). 
  • Cass is under the impression Elliot is a boy for a very long time.

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