Jesse [SONA]



2 years, 4 days ago


Name Jesse

Age 30

Birthday 9/26/1991

Gender Nonbinary

Pronouns He/she/they

Sexuality Bi, fraysexual

Height 5'4"

Species White rhino

Occupation Private chef


  • Long naps
  • Cilantro
  • Sci-fi

  • Burnt smells
  • Cinnamon candy
  • Humidity

  • Currently learning Mandarin!
  • Knows more about cheese than you
  • Addicted to themed lip glosses
What the fuck am I supposed to put for a quote. This is my sona, aka me. I'm not out here spouting profundities on the daily.

I'm not writing this from a 3rd person perspective, that's so weird.

Anyway, I'm Jesse. This is my sona. I'm a huge fucking gay loser who probably will never be a real adult but no one has to know that. Certainly not this wack-ass government.

I suffer from a huge cornucopia of mental illnesses that make it difficult to navigate through life, but I'm trying my best. I should be on probably like ten different medications and under extreme therapy but I've got neither of those things so I'm just out here raw-dogging reality. Don't do this. It sucks.

I'm a private chef for a fraternity house during the school season, and when I'm not doing that, I enjoy vising my friend @sunkenstars and spending more time with their dog instead of them. I like my bed and sleeping in it, I like food delivery instead of cooking, and I love buying books and not reading them.

Lavender Soon-to-be platonic spouse

My best friend. My worst enemy. Person I would kill and also kill for. There has never been anyone I have hated so much and loved even more. I will kill you in your sleep and also kill people for you. You are the worst and also the best. I love your dog more than you. I can't wait to see you again.

Morgan Heehee monke

Idk man like. We became friends almost overnight and it's been bonkers ever since. I love that you're so easy to talk to, and I loved when we were 12 hours apart from each other and just talking about dumb stuff for as long as we could before one of us inevitably passed out, depending on who was staying up late.

Scorch Cringefriend

I just think it's incredibly hilarious that you hated me in the beginning bc of Warframe and then we ended up becoming friends bc of something as stupid as closed species. Like man what the hell is wrong with us. We're so stupid. I love you. I'm going to throw you into the fucking sun.


Yes hi I adore you I cherish you I am going to cover you in carnitas, queso, shredded lettuce, pico de gallo, crème fraîche, and cilantro, and then wrap you up in a soft flour tortilla before actually consuming you whole so that we will never be apart.

Name Relationship

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