using !!


Looks so great! Definitely will using it for my Sona <3

Using for Bei!

Aaa this is so nicely put together! 

Definitely going to be using~!

def using !!

Using for Tovi, Thank you!!

looking good so far!! thank you for using!! ^^

hi, is there a way to make the button have a link instead of a dropdown?

yeah! heres the edited code for just a link as the button:

aaa tysm ;w; <3

how do you make boxes with custom colors so you can put images and stuff in it i wanna make html soon lol

hmmmm.. could you give me a visual example of what you mean by that? ^^;; either by a ss or drawing is great!!

i think this will help you!! :0 bc im a beginner and have worked off of just toying with existing codes its a little hard for me to explain myself,, but i can link more coding references + tutorials for you provided by other th users if u need them!!

i hope its a little helpful at least-!!

i need some tutorials if thats ok

yeah ofc!!

  • ronnie's coding reference which are quick lil tutorials about multiple html items
  • eggy has a list of useful websites, id reccommend the "basic html" section for your case!
  • previously linked, avicode has a whole folder of useful information and tutorials about layouts, mobile responsiveness, etc
  • and elithian has three different coding resources that helped me greatly when i was figuring stuff out!
i hope this is helpful for you!! i use circlejourney's toyhouse live editor when doing my codes, its an extremely helpful resource when playing with html! good luck <3
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<:0 heres the direct link, does this work for you?

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