1. M.Pom — Hvaltine



1 month, 27 days ago


A handsome, shy, loving, kohi boi that must be protected at all costs. Naive, silly, and kind-hearted by nature, Hvaltine easily fits into almost any social situation. He is Officially PomSuga's Assistant/Event Manager, and is often referred to as "Pom's Emotional Support Animal". While Hval can be on the gullible side, he is pretty intelligent and has a pretty distinct personality, even when he is pinned up against the monolith, PomSuga. 

However, He is the "pushover" of the group, and often has to just "tag along" with whatever PomSuga and Celeste are doing. He's also typically the most soft spoken of them, and is definitely the "little brother" of the group —that being said, he also is "never truly alone" when it might seem like it. Pom and Cele are both very protective of Hvaltine, and have a razor sharp instincts about where he is at any given moment. They also will step into a hostile situation if they feel that Hvaltine is being bullied or if he is being lured into a trap. 

They have good reason for keeping an eye on this Kohisuta.