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Using this one! Still gotta do my other characters but I managed to do one wee https://toyhou.se/12031168.luca

using <3

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Using this! Tysm!

Used for Eden. Thank you!

Using this, it looks so cool!

This is one of the cutest codes I've ever seen! Using it for my IDog oc!


Using ty!

i used it here :D https://toyhou.se/13418062.rin

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using !

Using <3

Using <3

aa so cute!! def going to use ^w^

using :3

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Hey bb, I used another one of your codes ((this one ofc lolol)), used it for my baby Lilly-Paddy <3 https://toyhou.se/10978788.lilly-paddy-hopkins

using, thanks! :D


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this code is lovely, thanks a lot for making it! i think i will be using some part of it ❤

hiya! i'm going to be using this for my profile <3 

tysm! i'll leave the credit in :)

ahhh thank u sm!! and thank u for keeping the credit as well!! TT <333

I used this code for my fursona, I love it !


super duper cute!!! kyos adorable! :DD

Tysm!! He’s my baby <3

used this, thanks, looks great! https://toyhou.se/8627088.toby-the-shiba-inu

thank you so much for using!! toby is so cute!! TT <33

Using this for my waterdog characters!! Love it to bits! <3


OH YOUR CUSTOMIZATION OF THEM IS SUPER CUTE!!! i love your waterdogs, theyre so pretty!! :D

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thank you so much for using!! <3

Used it ^^ https://toyhou.se/7325027.olier I prefer the one you made mine looks so off and idky XDD

ooOOoo THATS CUTE!! id suggest using a patterned/seamless background rather than one background image that repeats for better coherence :0 but i like it!!

Oh okay ty for the tip ^^

Going to be using this one!! :D

thank you so much for using!! :DD


Is there a way to change the background picture?

yeah! change "https://64.media.tumblr.com/b3d4060fdef32009f7f9b4a94c514043/tumblr_inline_mns7r1FRcs1qz4rgp.gif" into whatever image you'd like on the first line of the code!

I figured that out hah!! Thank you! 

oh, great!! no problem!!! ^^


tysm!!! <333 :DD

Your so very welcome! <33