this is one of my favorite codes!! i used it for my profile and for my characters profiles :D I modified it a bit, you can check out what i did with it on my profile if you want :)

oo that's so cool!!  i like the column combo >:D <33

Are you talking about centring the icon/text (like, the icon on top of the text)? :]

Probably not because the site doesn't know where the centre is vertically (since it's very adjustable)!  Alternatively, if you want some space at the top instead, consider adding margin-top:60px in the style tag of the first line!  Like this:

<div class="mx-auto" style="font-size:11px; letter-spacing:0.5px; max-width:420px; margin-top:60px">

Feel free to adjust the 60px to a different number!  Hope this helps! <3

hihi! I've decided to drop here and say I love this code sm! I'm currently using it and it suits my intended aesthetic! thank you sm! ♡

is there a way to change the color of the bar? :o 

Do you mean the top and bottom bar?  If so, yes!  You would have to use the Custom Colours (CC) version of the code and change the colour using ctrl+f in the code editor!  Hope this helps! ^^

Thanks so much! 

hi! i wanted to use this code (im using the cc version) but none of the images are showing up??

heya!  do you have WYSIWYG off and code editor on?  are the images you’re using the direct image and not a link? :0

(feel free to send me a copy of the code via PM and i can pick out any mistakes that may have occurred! ^^)

ive got wysiwyg code turned off but id need to check w the images! and id def appriciate that a lot!

alight, ive tried pming the code! sometimes th messaging doesn't work very well for me but hopefully it's worked aha