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Real Name: Riley (Unknown last name)
Stage Name: Rainer
Meaning: Wordplay on "Rainy".
Title: The Surfer of the Hibiscus
Gender: Female
Age: 23 years old

ARMS Appearance: Blue octopus tentacles with purple and magenta spots
Height: 5'8" (174 cm)
Weight: 7.23 kg
Affiliation: Kahuna Storma

Personality: Calm, Friendly, Positive
Hobbies: Rain watching, Swimming, Surfing
Likes: Rainy days
Dislikes: Winter, Getting sick

Unique Abilities:

  • When exposed to blindness attacks, instead of blinding her, it benefits her speed much faster, being able to fill up the rush faster than normal.
  • If the arena is outside, rain starts to fall, which weakens fire and explosion attributes, blindness attribute wears off faster, wind and electric attributes gets stronger and longer respectively and ice attribute lasts longer.

Main ARMS:

  • Waver: A blue and spotted purple boxing glove with the blind attribute. When charged, the ring around the wrist provides blue ink that splashes her opponents with. Has no homing system.
  • Lobbie: A lobster-shaped ARM with a stun attribute that acts similar to the Skully ARM, but has a homing system and little manual control. When charged, the 'claws' opens up before clamping onto opponents briefly, stunning them.
  • Triflare: A magenta horizontal mechanism ARM that encases red tip missiles with a fire attribute. The flames emit purple instead of orange or yellow when charged.