2 years, 1 month ago


Mao didn't write the book on Short Jump Drive maintenance - she fixed it.

That, at least, is the line her younger coworkers started saying after she was the one to successfully stabilize the Short Jump Mass after the Subject 4 indecent - she was exposed to almost as strong magnetic fields doing the manual recalibration as those that ripped subject 4 apart - so, well, any boast she makes at this point will be believed.

It helps that she was wearing her hazard suit, and actually follows the reduced water consumption guidelines.

Before this point, her nickname bestowed by her fellow maintenance crew translated to Crystal - i.e., old enough to start stiffening and you should have had children years ago. Mao took the nickname in stride, though she's not that old yet. And indeed, she wouldn't be sent on the mission if that were an appreciable risk.

While Mao was responsible for completing the manual drive recalibration, the automatic recalibration process of the drive continues through the point of Alice's arrival - the ship shaking during the Chime of Peace was actually a drive test put off until a properly dramatic moment.