Walter Harvey



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This character is going to appear in Sinfonia visual novel. Their bio is kept vague to avoid spoilers. 


  • Name Walter Harvey
  • Age14
  • Gender Male
  • Height11 160 cm
  • Type Human
  • Birthday 3.6 (Gemini)
  • Alignment Chaotic Neutral
  • Occupation Student
  • Music X & X & X & X

  • World Hymnia
  • Country TBN
  • Home town TBN


"Switch rooms. Come to sleep with me, I’ll kick my roommate out!"

A second year student and a classmate Jonathan meets on his first day at the Lottenberg Academy, Walter is a charismatic and witty boy who always has something to add to a conversation. He is a great storyteller and has a knack for dramatics, often exaggerating things for comedy value and delighting in gossip and drama happening within the school. He seems to know something about everyone, making a trustworthy and useful ally, but quite a terrifying enemy if you cross him. 

Due to his blindness and the lack of studying material for blind people, Walter often has to work extra hard to keep up with others, but he is resourceful and has come up with many ways to make sure he doesn't fall behind just because he can't read non-braille books. He has a customized curriculum better suited for his needs, and is notorious for driving his teachers up the wall with his unique and witty answers, which certainly aren't incorrect, but they aren't exactly morally correct answers either.  

Despite the fact the two are often seen bickering and Walter seemingly tormenting Rick, the two are actually very close friends and trust each other a lot, even if it can be hard to tell at first. In general he might sometimes come across as petty or mean-spirited, but he usually means no harm, and is willing to apologize if he himself feels he has done something wrong. He doesn't forgive others easily though, and is known to be very spiteful towards his classmate Claude, even if the two hardly ever talk to each other.


A boy still growing, Walter has a noticeably (and somewhat awkwardly) long arms and feet that can give off a little clumsy first impression of him. However, his long, curly blond locks, green eyes with long and thick eyelashes and the mole near his right eye give a more graceful balance to his overall appearance. He usually keeps his eyes closed or in a barely noticeable squint, often opening only one of his eyes as a result of being ashamed of them. When wide open, his eyes are hazy green and somewhat unfocused, and his right eye often pointing to a slightly different direction than his left. He also has a tint of red at the outer corners of his eyes. 

Although Walter has the appearance reminiscent of fairy tale princes, his expressions are usually everything but kind and gentle, and he is oftentimes seen with a smirk on his face. Likewise his gestures are usually very masculine, and he has no intentions of trying to look or act pretty just because he has the kind of appearance he does. 

He is always seen with a light, wooden cane he uses to walk around.


Walter is a second year student, attending the same classes as Claude and Jonathan. Walter is known to be witty, funny and a great storyteller,  and as such he is well liked by other boys. He has a habit of commenting on things in a witty or sarcastic manner and although this can bother some, Walter usually means no harm. Despite his constant joking around, Walter does have a more serious side to him and he is very concerned about his friends and wants only their best.

Although he can be very resentful and hostile towards those he dislikes, Walter generally doesn’t want to cause any real harm to people. That being said, he likes to prank people once in a while and he is full of dangerous yet hilarious suggestions for things to do. Only his great speaker skills have made Walter avoid getting detention over the things he has done, further confirming his words are definitely his greatest weapon. But as he is still young, Walter often speaks more than he should, is blunder than required to be and can come across as a tad cruel and unreasonable to people who don’t know him all that well.

Walter likes to tease those he likes and he is especially fond of bullying Rick. However, it’s only playful interaction between them and Walter equally let’s Rick tease him if the boy just comes up with anything - he is nearly not as good as Walter is. The boy is an entertainer and a talker to the core,  characterized by a certain rebelliousness and a need to entertain others and make them laugh (and alternatively make fun of those who he thinks have a little too much power over others). Very much like Claude, Walter is also a powerful ally to have but in turn makes a fearsome enemy to people who he dislikes. He is generally not very group confirming, but might, in order to protect other people, sometimes do things against his own nature.

Blind since childhood, Walter claims the only reason he is able to attend the school is because he is from a rich family and he himself refused to drop out of education just because of his blindness. Although the world is still not very considerate to people with disabilities, Walter has no intentions to give up on education. He takes his studies pretty seriously even if his witty and clever way of  portraying things in his works often annoy teachers for being "too unique" and "rebellious" in nature.


This character is going to appear in Sinfonia visual novel. This section is stub to avoid spoilers

Walter comes from an aristocrat family of low standing, borderline upper middle class, and is the only child. He lost his sight at the age of 6 during an illness that fatally damaged his optical nerves, making him completely blind. However, as it was consider a miracle Walter even survived such a dangerous illness. Walter himself got used to his condition relatively fast, but the despairing of his parents and the fact they found it bothersome to always look after their disabled child cast a shadow on him. Walter turned to his servants and teachers for comfort and support, ultimately making his relationship to his parents a reserved, almost cold one. 

Having a clever and bright mind from an early age, Walter grew up surrounded by friends and other people, and aside from his parents' undivided attention not many things were lacking from his life growing up. He insisted on continuing with his studies and was homeschooled up until he decided he wants to go to a boarding school to get some distance from his bothersome family. He picked Lottenberg for its relatively close location and the fact they were the most willing to do compromises and personalized curriculum for Walter.

Due to some past disagreements, Walter dislikes Claude, and is rather most vocal about his dislike for his classmate, and might occasionally even try to provoke Claude.

Abilities / Skills

  • Can read braille
  • Plays the piano, although can't read notes. Instead he learns to play through muscle memory and memorizing the melody by heart, something that certainly holds him back to some degree, but it doesn't really bother him: after all, piano is merely a hobby for him.

  • Walter's eye nerves were destroyed by an illness in childhood, and as such he is completely blind and doesn't perceive light. He uses a custom-made cane to navigate around, as well as his other senses.

  • Has a good memory and memorizes places easily once he visits them and gets to have a feel of the things around. He is able to walk around the school premises with relative ease as he has memorized everything well enough, and isn't afraid of asking for directions if he somehow does end up getting lost or confused of his whereabouts.  

  • A natural talent for sniffing out drama and knowing where to be at the right time. He is also good at memorizing details of drama and then explaining everything to others.

  • Good people skills, combined with a sharp and witty tongue - Walter wants to have the last word in everything, and he usually also gets to have it.


  • Due to events in the past, Walter is highly distrustful and very hostile towards Claude and usually makes his opinions of him very clear to others. However, a good part of his dislike also stems from the fact he and Claude are actually very alike in a myriad of ways, and Claude's behavior forces Walter to consider his own, something he doesn't like doing.

  • He keeps his eyes closed around people he doesn't really know or trust due the fact he has been bullied for them, as well as because he doesn't perceive even light with his eyes. However, keeping them closed is still really a bother so he is slowly trying to become more comfortable with that.

  • Much to everyone's surprise and horror, Walter is eerily good at the knife game

  • Walter's cane is just a regular cane, albeit a bit lighter than most and custom made for him. However, he has heard of canes that have recently been made that are more suitable for blind people, and he is very interested in trying one out when he just can.

  • Walter is the only member of the main Sinfonia-original cast (which excludes Thomas who was created much earlier) who wasn't based on a vintage shoujo trope.