using, this code slaps B)

Used for her!

this code?? 110% banger!! its so cool, legit the bees knees

OMG THANK YOU SM <333 im glad songs like it exist to instill inspiration in other creative works like mine!

Wow, your codes are absolutely gorgeous!! I will definitely be using this one and some others in the future!! Thank you for making such lovely codes that are free for everyone to use!! <3

AHH OH MY GOSH THANK YOU! <33 ofc, so happy to provide to the wonderful community :DD

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using! You have amazing codes :3

tysm for using!! <33 love the background you chose! :0

Yoo just thought I'd lyk that the link for this code doesn't give the actual code, it gives the orpheus one(maybe it's my phone but I've refreshed TH two times already and πŸ’€) sorry for the inconvenience. Also I really like your codes, they're hella creative

!! OH MY GOSH THANK YOU I DIDNT REALIZE, no no thank you so much for letting me know!!! and tysm QwQ <333

Aah np broπŸ˜©πŸ‘Œ


uwahhh thank youuu TvT im still not sure abt making p2u/d2u codes tbh, but i might in the future!! we'll see :0