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Forgot to do this earlier but I've been using this code for Phrixos!! Thank you so much! :]

used thank you sm

used!! thank you so much! :D

gonna be using for the ic !

useing <3

First time using html was a lot simpler than It looks, love It! https://toyhou.se/812965.experiment-006-sixx-

Using ♡


Used with her!! <3

I'm using this for my sona Samson!

Ayyy this looks awesome! Totally gonna use this :D

using Uwu


Using this for a character, tysm! <3

using this for my new profile :] changed it a bit!

Using   with  Him     

thanks so much for using!!! <33 love his quote about his husband being gay but not him lmao

Using with all of my ocs, lots of work to planning this and hope you are happy with the use :DD

of course i am!! :DD id be happy to look at some of your finished profiles when youre done, thanks so much for using!!

Using with my girl here!! 

OH I LOVE HER, the code fits so well!! thank you for using!! :DD

Used again for another troll boyo! It's just too good not to use :D You can see him here

using!! <333

using with my gorl :-]!!!

THAT LOOKS GREAT PUP ... i...... love her <3333333

Love it so much i will def use it for my mains oc 😔❤

!! tysm for using!!!! <333 im sure itll look great 💖💖

welcome ! also do you know wich code i need to modify cause when i put a background image it do this multiplication things in backgroud- if no ts oki lololol u3u have a nice day :)

yeah!! on line 20, replace the line with this: "<div class="card shadow" style="background:url(URLHERE);background-size:cover;border:0px;border-radius:20px;">"

if youre asking for just one whole image in the background <3 have a nice day yourself!


thank you!! <33 and tysm for using!

hi there!! to change an image/gif, use ctrl+f "background:url('REPLACEIMGURLHERE')" and " src="REPLACEIMGURLHERE" "

you have to use the direct image address + place it inbetween the quotations. hope this helps!!

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WUH WUH IM GLAD U THINK SO!!! ofc !!! ❤️❤️❤️ glad you like it!

using! ^^

thank you so much for using!! <3