Princess Hyperion



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✨Princess Hyperion✨

Name Hyperion
Age 24
Gender Cis Woman
Species Alien (Canitonian)
Role Princess of the Canis Major Dynasty


  • Nature, learning about fauna on other planets
  • Adventure, excitement
  • Learning new things


  • Confinement
  • Tradition
  • Math
  • Being told what to do

Royal princess and only daughter of the Canis Major Dynasty’s king and queen. A daydreamer who fantasizes of doing more in her life, who is tired of the monotonous lifestyle that comes with being a Canitorian royal and wants to run away so she can be free of it. Very interested in nature, loves learning about fauna, food, and animals from other planets. Often sneaks out behind her royal guard Caelum’s back to explore the forest beyond the kingdom’s walls.

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  • hair magic/manipulation (Canitonians have special hair that imitates the look of stars in the sky, as well as having a gradient of two colors. Hyperion, having royal blood, has hair that gradients between three colors instead of the standard two. Her hair also has the ability to move, but isn't strong enough to do much of anything except that. This gives it the illusion of floating behind her like clouds. Her hair color also changes to match her emotions. Canitonian's hair is said to derive from their species' ancient way of camouflaging, which they have evolved past needing.)
  • healing abilities (specific to her because of her royal blood. Incredibly sought after power that makes her a highly valued member of the royal family)
  • minor levitation (not quite flying, but sometimes she does it instead of walking. can also use her hair as like, a chair she can float on.)
  • minor gravity manipulation (can change the effects of gravity on anything she touches. a mostly useless power, but its fun to make other people float.)
  • super strength (not INCREDIBLY strong, but definitely more so than most humans, especially considering how skinny she is.)


Green/Blue/Pink Gradient Neutral
Seafoam green Happy, excited
Blue Anxious, sad, uncertain
Grayish Blue Deep depression, feels hopeless
Matte Gray No will to live, lifeless. Basically dead


Princess Hyperion is the Princess of the Canis Major Dynasty, and is the sole heiress to the throne. Her life was controlled in every aspect by her parents in order to make her the perfect heiress, from her daily routines down to her diet. Hyperion felt suffocated by her family and found solace in sneaking out of the castle to learn everything she could on her own, which ended up being her planet's fauna and wildlife. Her only real friend in the kingdom was Caelum, her personal guard, who cared about Hyperion deeply and tried whatever she could to keep Hyperion safe and happy.

However, Hyperion still craved freedom and adventure, and wanted to escape from her monotonous lifestyle and overbearing family. On the night of her 24th birthday, as the festival in her honor was being held, she ran into a handsome space pirate named Galileo, and they quickly fell in love. However, Hyperion was to be married once she became 25 to a man of her parent’s choosing. Because of this, their love was forbidden, and Galileo would sneak into the kingdom to see Hyperion as much as she could. Soon, one night, they decided to run away together and marry eachother. Caelum found out about their plan, and in an attempt to keep Hyperion safe from her family's rage, reported their relationship to the King and Queen. The King and Queen were furious, putting Hyperion under house arrest and sending her with Caelum to a distant planet to keep her from seeing Galileo. Her family then painted Galileo as a henious villain and a criminal, putting a large bounty on her head in an attempt to get rid of her. Hyperion, now trapped on a remote planet, became severely depressed. She stopped eating, and her hair became straight, gray, and lifeless. She stayed in this miserable state until Galileo finally found her, but by then, they were both extremely damaged. They'll be fine, though. They love eachother...


First image: Starcastle's "Citadel" (1977)

Second image: Robert McCall - Floating Megalopolis

Third image: Luiz Peres

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