[WIP] Jacqueline Parrish



Jacqueline Parrish

Basics:She/her pronouns. Unknown age. Born April 23rd.

Some sort of undead girl who attends Hell College. Jacqueline isn't sure where she came from, but her patchwork skin implies that someone created her and her lack of rotting implies someone's actively keeping her animated. Because of her undead nature, though, her brain loses memories easily. She doesn't even remember how she got to Hell College... really, she doesn't even remember what classes she has when she wakes up every morning. She lives a carefree life, unable to hold on to enough memories to develop an earnest sense of worry. She's easy to put back together and is surprisingly proficient with the mysterious sword she's never without (often storing it in her chest,) so it doesn't seem like fear or caution will ever really come to her. Has a monotone voice and still body language.

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