This looks amazing, Definitely gonna use this


using! thank u for making this code i love it ToT

using on thank you very much i always love your codes aa we need more codes with stamps!


Used on this character! Thank you so much this code is so cool!!

I'm using this for this character
Tell me if I broke any rules, I tend to forget them really easily


using this!!! :OOO

thanks so much for using! <3

I used it! I really like how it turned out ;o; and I also used some others before and there all amazing you do such a good job making these!

WEUH ITS SO CUTE SO FAR!! thank u for using my code <3

Ty! And np! :DD

I'm gonna use this! It's so pretty!

AWHWH THANK U SO MUCH!! <33 happy to hear youll use it!!

yooo ya code are always so amazing you have so munch talent ! definitly using it :0 also huh- i really like the stamps system but everytime i try to import a gif or an image it doesnt keep that stamps effect ;0; have any reco to change it? it say that wixmp is not avaible anymore-?? and sorry if this seem anoying xoxo πŸ˜“πŸ™β™₯

UWAH THANK YOU SO MUCH /// AND OH you have to use pre-made deviantart stamps, so you cant just use any regular gif and/or image. theres a ton on deviantart if you search up "stamp", id suggest being more specific than that such as "aesthetic stamp" or something. i use this folder of stamps, but theres a lot you could use!!

no no youre not annoying at all, tysm for the question!!

AA WELCOME- i honestly admire it workΒ 

and oki doki thx u for the help πŸ˜³πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

using!!, god i really love your codes so much!!

thank you for using!!! AND TY FOR THE COMPLIMENTS TOO // πŸ’•πŸ’•

Yoooo I really like this code! I'm definitely gonna be using it

ahhh thank you so much!! TvT <3 thank you for using!!

Thank you so much!! I found another code for the characters I had planned to use this on, but I'll definitely find a use for this somewhere! Thank again for doing my request!

of course!!! that's all fine and dandy, thank you again for your request!! <3

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thank you so much for using + the compliment!! qwq <3


ahhh im so glad to hear you like it!!! ;w; <333 thank you so much!


really?? huh, thats really strange.. someone else mentioned they couldnt seem to access the links. the links work fine on my end, if you could check out some other coders' pastebin links and see if they work, that would eliminate it being pastebin as a whole and would mean theres something wrong with my account/pastebin. thatd be helpful to me, but i understand if you dont have the time rn!!

in any case, heres the code on a google docs for now!


awh that sucks ><;; well, if you ever want to use any of my codes, just let me know since its relatively easy to just paste them onto a global google doc!! <3