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♦ Aasha ♦
NameAasha (meaning hope)Species
African lion



Aasha was inspired by the song 'Bad cinderella' by carrie hope fletcher


Aasha was born in a small family pride, this pride was made mostly of her family and two other lionnesses that Aasha would just call aunts how ever they are no related to her, in her litter she had a brother Pacha. the family pride live on the land owned by a king who ruled over the lands, this king left the family prides mostly alone apart from taking part of there hunt.

when Aasha was a young adult the kingdoms ruler changed to a lion about her age, he was greedy and selfish and took more then his father before him from the family tribes, Aasha's family suffered, they tryed to keep Aasha and Pacha well fed as they where younger, this caused the death of one of the aunts,Aasha tryed her best to catch the amount of food that would feed the king and her family how ever she seemed to never be able to.

When the king made it know he was looking for a Queen Aashas family asked if she would  take the spot as she might be able to give the pride more food, Aasha wanting to help her family agreed and went to meet the king, the king seemed to fall for Aasha picking her, agreeing to allow her family more food. Aasha didnt like being the queen to such a selfish lazy lion but did as she was told , she found the king liked to show her off  to visting kings.

Aasha didnt get to see her family much but her brother Pacha would vist and told her how well the family was going,it made Aasha happy to hear it worked well,how ever soon the king wanted cubs, Aasha didn't, she said no and she thought he understood, it was a long while but he did ask again and again,it wasnt annoy as it was weeks between asks but Aasha started to think she never wanted cubs, but the king seemed to get annoyed after some time. one day he asked yet again, and when she said no he snapped andswiped at her, causing the scars over her eye. he said he could find a lioness who would fit the role as queen better and she was no longer the queen.

The king choose to be mean to Aasha , she wasnt allowed to return to her home pride, she was to be in the kings pride, but he told all other members she was not to be befriended,some tryed to be nice but soon the hole kings pride would mock the young lioness, Aasha didnt care for it and just kept to her self ,she thought nothing of the lions who followed a cruel king, Word somhoe got to Aasha that her family pride had tryed to vist but was turned away, the king still gave them more food so atleast her family was being fed, but she longged to see her brother.

Aasha one day had enough of it all, she choose to try to leave, it took planing and she waited till the day the kings pride held some celebration and she could get away. she got away without being caught , she didn't hunt for two days, all she wanted to do was get away, so all her waking hours where focused on geting away from the land she was been born in. On the thrid day she rested... with the hope it took the king atleast a day to relize she was gone, she hunted and after a nights sleep she was off again.

this is how Aasha lived for a short time, traveling for two days before resting  untill she meet a lioness , she told Aasha of her pride and its thoughtfull king, Aasha agrees to meet with the king and see if this was a pride she could join with. When she got to the pride she was surprised to see the pride enjoyed tree climbing, The white maned king lept from his spot in the trees and introdused him self, he explaned the pride takes in anyone who wishes to join but if they choose to leave they are free to as they with, the pride was about being togeather and was called 'Pamoja'

Aasha decided to give the pride time to see if it would work for her,  the king allowed her to not worry about hunting and just let her rest and heal ,she enjoyed the pride but she couldnt loose the thought this king might allow somone from her old home join and then she wouldn't be safe. The day before she left the king talked with her telling her storys of his pride and that she reminded him of his mate, his mate roamed and didnt want to live in a pride, it had been many years since her last return and while he missed her he hoped she was safe and happy. Aasha told the aging king that she was to leave the next day.

The pamoja pride was very kind to Aasha as she left, they had made sure she had her fill of food and water and pointed her towards a path often used by the prides young when traveling out of there lands safely  she followed this path for as long as she dare, and then when she felt it was right followed where she thought it best, She started to go back to traveling for two days then resting, this worked well for the lioness . Untill one day she was hunting and ran into a Painted dog, she was lean like most painted dogs,but very pale in color ,the dog was allso very scared missing and eye and part of her ear. the painted dog was hostile to Aasha, growling about a near by pride before running off, Aasha decided to see if she could find the pride

ooc: This part ties her into the lion king, she can be used with out her lion king ties in rps.

it wasnt hard to find the pride, or atleast its markers, she came onto its lands and smelt around for trails to the lands pride, once she found it she started to follow them to the dens , she was found by a brown fured lion called Bundi and his guard, he took Aasha back to the dens, at a place called pride rock. here she meet Kata the current queen of the pridelands , The queen was unsure about letting a lion with scars in the pride after the prides history with scared lions , but after Aasha explned them she was soon allowed to stay, she was also granted time to  rest before trying to work out where she fit in the pride.

A young lion called Usiku kept her comperny while she took some days to rest , the male had interesting storys to tell her , about how he was raised by his uncle as his mother at the time didnt feel she could raise cubs, he learn to hunt and fight from his uncle. when he and his brother where young adults they joined this pride who had been ruled by queen katas mother Kiara at the time. When Kiara was found dead a few days later Usikus brother Mstari was exiled as dark fur was found between the queens claws. after some investergating it was found that Mstari didn't kill her so he was allowed back in the pride.

Aasha found her self wanting to stay around Usiku and so asked to help with the hunting. at frist she was paired with an older lioness called vitani , the sister of the father of the Queen ,Vitani would teach Aasha how the pride would hunt and choose what to hunt, This is also when Aasha found out more about the prides history. Vitani had been made leader of the lion guard soon after she and her brother join the pride, when Bundi and Kata where born she was put in charge of training Bundi as he was the second born and to be the guard leader after her , she and Bundi shared patrols when he was a teen but once Kata became queen Vitani choose to allow Bundis guard to be the lead gaurd, Vitanis guard was there to offer advise and step up if Bundi needed them but otherwise the five where happy helping feed the pride.

Aasha enjoyed behind around Vitani and soon found she saw her as a friend. often spending her spare time with her

-image-Pacha ♦ Brother

Aasha was very close to Pacha as they grew up, Pacha was sad the day Aasha had to leave the family pride to be with the king, when he found out Aasha went missing he swore he would take revenge on the king for his lost sister.

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