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If you're got a design from me please Credit this profile!

Do not steal/copy my characters, colorpicking and using as light inspiration is okay.

♤ My profile contains eyestrain / neon colors, I try to tag them as much as possible but sometimes I forget/can't tell if it actually is, sorry,,, 

♡ All the characters are adults unless stated otherwise. 

◇ Hello yes me and my characters are LGBTQ+ please don't come at me I am just trying to e x i s t .

♧ You can put my ocs in dreamie lists and offer for any of them, but some might just never go !! Don't get mad if I don't accept </3

□ I have a terrible memory,,, so feel free to remind me of something if you feel I missed you!! - I'm also very anxious,,, I'd appreciate some tone tags but they are not necessary!!

⊙ My profile is a huge wip as I'm still trying to figure out things and im v busy, sorry for the mess and lack of organized tags!!

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