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Please boop the snoot!

DO NOT OFFER ON THE OFFLIMITS TAB UNLESS YOU HAVE SPECIFICALLY BEEN GIVEN PERMISSION. If I tell you to just check my TH, off limits will be off limits.

>> Read my TOS and blacklist by clicking the page doll

>> Yes you may draw my characters!

>> Do NOT trace, steal, or heavily reference my art

>> Do NOT trace, steal or heavily reference my characters

>> Do not include my OC's in your stories or RP unless I have specifically said so

Breaking any rules above will earn your a strike or blacklist according to severity. And a cold shoulder lmao if you offer on my NFS oc's you aren't getting a reply.




Terms of Service

By commissioning me, you agree to the following conditions:

  • I have the right to refused or refund any commission at any given time.
  • Payment is required up front.
  • If you are to request a refund, I will only refund what has not yet been completed. If you commissioned in paypal, refunds are not available.
  • Please be patient, as I am a human being. It is safe to assume once I have the sketch down I will be working on it.
  • Artwork is owned by me. Do not remove the credit. You are NOT allowed to trace the artwork and claim the content as your own.
  • You may not use the artwork for commercial use.
  • You are allowed to use the commissioned piece for personal use; e.g. wallpaper, icons, getting a charm (asking is heavily appreciated before you get a personalized item with my artwork on it)

By purchasing a design from me, you agree to the following conditions:

  • You are not allowed to resell the design for more than it is worth. Trading an OC of higher value does NOT count towards worth. (if you trade a $100 character for my $10 design, you cannot sell my design for higher than $10 without commissioned art.)
  • Trade cooldown is one week. You may not trade or sell my design within the week you got them in.
  • Refunds are available only for purchases made with DA points and were within a week. You must have a valid reason to request a refund, and I have the right to refuse.
  • If you are paying with Paypal, you are expected to hold the money until I have a use for it. I will private the character and send you the access key, and you may use the character. Once money has been used, however, I will then transfer the character to you completely.
  • For Paypal vouchers: if you are unable to complete the payment when requested or have repeatedly ghosted me, I will revoke the design and access key, as you have not paid me for the design. Should you continue using the character after ownership is revoked, you will receive a strike/blacklist according to severity. So do not! Run away! on me!
  • You are free to redesign as you wish (unless it was a fantribe/closed species)!
  • Original design credit must be linked to me in some way regardless of who redesigned and how much was redesigned.

The following behaviour will get you striked and/or blacklisted. You will be blacklisted if you have a total of three strikes.

  • Rude behaviour towards me will result in a strike.
  • Breaking one or more of my TOS rules will result in a strike/blacklist according to severity.
  • Severe rude behaviour towards me or another party will get you blacklisted.
  • Trying to scam me or someone trading one of my designs will result in a strike/blacklist according to severity.
  • Guilt tripping and begging is not tolerated. Most of the time it will be ignored, but severe and repeated guilt tripping will receive a strike.
  • Stealing one of my OC's results in automatic blacklist. If you steal one of my mains, there is honestly no point of return for you.
  • Heavy referencing, tracing, stealing, and reposting my artwork without my consent will result in a strike or blacklist according to severity.


The following users are not allowed to purchase my designs. Please do not trade or sell them any. Blacklist reasons will remain private, you are free to question why, but I have the right to decline disclosure.

You will be warned if you trade my designs to someone that is blacklisted. Multiple offenses will earn you a strike according to severity.

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