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Name Hisao Masamune
Alias Gramps
Age Technically 65?
Pronouns he/him/his
Height 5'10
Build Dad
Race East Asian
Role Monster Hunter / Monster Adopter


Masamune had a bad relationship with his parents. Growing up a delinquent in Yokohama in the 60s, he was only 13 when he left home, becoming deeply involved in local gang activity. As he got older, he mixed in with a more obscure part of the city's underbelly, one that dealt specifically in the supernatural. Somewhat attuned to his own personal sixth sense, Masamune felt right at home. Over the years, he climbed the ranks, gaining respect for his level-headedness and experience at hunting especially. If someone needed a sniper, Masamune was the man to call. Through his personal earnings, he opened a ramen shop on the side, practicing cooking as a comfort he never experienced at home as a child. He had a godson, taught that godson how to make ramen just the same. However, he was never one to mix in socially with his peers, even less so when the moral failings of his position began to accumulate.

The older he got, the more ashamed Masamune was of the man he had become. He'd done a slew of bad things, ruined lives (of children, no less), and had never truly found a romantic companion - not that he was willing to make his romantic interests public knowledge. It was in this regrettable state of mind that he eventually found himself slipping, his hunts becoming less of a welcomed passtime to him and more of a chore. He was tired of killing things, which was a lucky break for the next feathered thing that waltzed into his life. After his godson, Masamune took another child into his home, a tengu, and though the two of them were both a little rusty on the emotional side, he raised them as his own. He was proud again, but his regrets still lingered in the background.

Well into his 60s, on another hunt, Masamune landed a pretty hefty curse on himself. Ironically now old enough to earn the moniker, 'Gramps', he was reverted to the body of a child. A curse. A blessing? An excuse to go back and seek out help in the few connections he had. He sought out his tengu back home, laying the gun down in exchange for clawing his way back to a feasible, legal age, and he was reminded of how much he enjoyed this simpler side of himself, the family man. 'Gramps'. His hunts quickly shifted from killing and harvesting monster parts into saving the souls that he could. He adopted a fresh batch of monster children, mentored the less-monstrous ones, got a little monstrous himself in the process, but that was how he made his home.


Alignment Lawful Neutral
Sign Libra
Enneagram 6
Color Electric Blue / Taupe
Element Air



  • Well-Made Broth
  • Old Guns
  • His Kids
  • Relaxing on the Beach


  • Hot Weather
  • Flirtatious Women
  • Traffic
  • Western Food


  • Gramps is technically 65, but since being 10 and re-aging, he only apears to be in his mid-40s.
  • He's a self-taught cooking, having had to cook for himself from a very young age.
  • Despite everything he's been through, his primary concern is still convincing one of his children to inherit his ramen shop.
  • He knows it's wrong to pick favorites, but he has a tattoo of a tengu on his back.