Mitzy Pitz



2 months, 5 days ago


Mitzy Pitz was born into the Toppat Clan around the same time as Maddy and her sister, and the three grew up as close friends and commonly went on raids together. It was on one of these raids where Maddy's sister died and Mitzy was seriously injuried, and was only saved by her body being replaced almost fully with cybernetics. After she recovered, Mitzy became super protective of Maddy as her friend grieved, and would work to help her peacefully move on. Mitzy was suspicious of Tess from the get go, but kept quiet when she saw Tess and Maddy get close, and struggled with her instincts to protect the clan and her wanting Maddy to be happy. She was the first to find conformation of Tess being a government agent and confronted Tess, saying the only reason she wasn't saying anything was because Maddy loved Tess, but if she caught Tess giving away Toppat secrets again she would force Tess to leave. This eventually happens and Mitzy has to deal with the aftermath of Maddy's distress once Tess is gone. She knows that the two meet at night in secret, but she can't bring herself to tear them apart again. Mitzy later finds herself in Maddy's shoes when she falls in love with Victor, a guard at the Wall, and while she tries to deny it at first her denial vanishes once she finds out the feelings are returned. The two become super close and the relationship brings out a new softer side of Mitzy, and she finally allows herself to be happy and feel loved. Mitzy is soft on Maddy, and is secretly coming around to Tess, but to anyone else that isn't a Toppat she can be intimidating and rough. Overall Mitzy is the silent type that likes to take things in and plan accordingly, as she is quite good with seeing how a plan can fail and work around that flaw. Mitzy is still trying to learn the extent of her cybernetics, and often doesn't use them for anything special, mostly due to the unknown of a body she is struggling to understand.