Tess Miller



2 months, 11 days ago


Tess Miller is generally a quiet yet reliable person, preferring to listen and figure things out as they come out and figuring out what she can do with what she learns, which is what made her a perfect fit as an undercover agent for the government. She had mostly done minor missions before she was asked to go undercover as a Toppat, and she was worried from the get go by the risks, and this worry was only amplified once she was actually got within the ranks. With Mitzy already on to her from the get go, Tess stuck by Maddy who had brought her there, and found that the two of them shared quite a bond which only continued to grow. After a while, Tess was forced to face that she had fallen for Maddy and that Maddy felt the same, causing an internal struggle between her loyalty to the government and her love for Maddy. Shortly after she is approached by Mitzy, who confirms her fears about her knowing about Tess's connection to the government, and warning her she would be forced to leave if she caught her. This eventually happens, and Tess is distraught over hurting Maddy and never seeing her again, accepting that she deserved this. She was suprised when Maddy contacted her, and the two started meeting under the cover of night so they could still be together.