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Basic Info


GMO Husky


3(he ages like any normal dog)



Described as loyal, hyperactive, and attached by close freinds, cherika retains the qualities found in his unmodified cousins. He often considers himself inferior to humans, citing that he was an unnatural creation and that he would not exist if it were not for humans. He even points out that he has the high energy typical of a siberian husky. Even so, he greatly loves all his freinds and will admit that he enjoys being treated like any human being.

He distrusts technology, seeing it as dangerous and akin to shackles. He much prefers direct approaches to issues. And, among all technologies, he hates genetic engineering, particularly when it comes to changing the entire being of an animal.

Even with this, he is kind and selfless, wanting nothing more than to make people smile. And chase rubber balls. All the rubber balls.


Engineered in a lab for the sole purpose of being a loyal, unquestioning servent. Specifically, a member of a police force composed entirely of canines such as himself. At a few weeks, he was given cybernetic implants. These were designed to both increase intellegence and ensure unwavering loyalty. The devices included a tracking chip and a small implant that generated a shock if a canine strays too far from where they were meant to be.

This was when he started training for the Canine Reenforcement Unit, the police force that he was created for. This took a full half year of his life. he did not question his place in life. Not at first. it took many months for him to realize how much he was simply making people's lives horrible. He hated seeing so many flee at the sight of him.

By the time he found someone to help him escape, he had reached his second year. It took several weeks for him to get the person to trust him. And it took several more for them to deactivate most of the cybernetics. Because of how long he had these enhancements, they could not remove the devices. This person was amalanika. Soon after, the two, along with Ezarah, joined a rebellion to overthrow the dystopian government that had created Cherika.

now, he often works undercover, seeking to gather information about what the government plans to do. this has kept the rebellion safe for the past year, as he is usually the best warning system.