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The Lavaak-sa'haar

IXdHxs2.png The sigils of the Lavaak-sa'haar.

The Lavaak-sa'haar are the gods of the Sa'haar'syk religion, who are described as cosmic beings each with a particular set of powers. The exact number of Lavaak-sa'haar changes depending on the particular sect; a majority of followers believe that there are 6 Lavaak-sa'haar, while a minority believe that there are 7. Each region of Myr'seros is associated with a particular Lavaak-sa'haar, who is often the patron deity of the Ferah-saar born in that region.

Scholars believe that the Lavaak-sa'haar are historical figures that lived in the Faerwahl Period, which directly followed the Myr'serosian Expansion. First-hand accounts of their existence lasted for approximately 100 years, which corresponds with the average lifespan range for Ferah-saar during that era.


The information below is compiled from published academic articles regarding Sa'haar'syk and the Lavaak-sa'haar. It does not account for minor variations in beliefs between various sects.


AFFINITY: Ice / Water
DOMAIN: The Zyrsitian Peaks
SIGIL: The Dual Divide
ASSOCIATIONS: Mirrors, the color blue
  • Beauty and vanity
  • Confidence and conviction
  • The changing of seasons
  • Duality in all things
  • Fertility

  • Farmers
  • CEOs and other executives
  • Those of extraordinary beauty or those who wish to become beautiful

  • The leader of the Lavaak-sa'haar
  • Sometimes split into the twin deities Zyrsiin and Zynlael, thus eliminating the duality aspect by separating each aspect into its own individual deity.

Zyrsit is a creature of dualities: cold and cruel, yet also kind and just; arrogant and egotistical, but concerned with the opinion of others; charismatic, yet also withdrawn. It is said that zer personality changes with the seasons, becoming more benevolent during the spring and summer before turning malevolent during the fall and winter. Yet zer confidence has never waned, no matter the season. After all, doubt is for the ugly.


Zyrsit is said to be devastatingly beautiful, with six intricate horns covered in ornate jewelry. However, no one is quite sure of zer exact appearance, as ze covers zemself with a thick cloak that hides most of zer body and a veil that covers half zer face. One record claims that ze has claws as sharp as daggers and equally as long. Depictions often vary quite a lot depending on sect.


As the war between Seitziil and Vahrtiis dragged ever onwards, the presence of light gave rise to heat, and the presence of dark gave rise to cold. From the heat emerged Faetrihc, and from the cold emerged Zyrsit. Then, from where heat and cold met came wind, and thus emerged Lyvwekr. Though Zyrsit was the weakest of the three, ze was cunning and shrewd. Ze knew that ze and zer siblings would be bound by the whims of zer "parents" for as long as they warred, so ze came up with a plan to force a truce.

"Light and Dark may be strong on their own, but there are three of us," Zyrsit explained. "If we pick a side to force a victor, then turn our backs on zem, it will be us who will win in the end." Faetrihc and Lyvwekr, both tired of the constant unpredictability of the universe they found themselves in, agreed to zer plan. And so they sided with Vahrtiis against Seitziil, banishing zem into the depths and temproraily filling the universe with starlight. Zyrsit, Faetrihc, and Lyvwekr then waited for Vahrtiis to let down zer guard before banishing zem into the distant heights, far out of reach of Seitziil.

Now with Light and Dark so far away from each other, a stable cycle of day and night was able to develop. Within this bubble of stability, Zyrsit and zer siblings began to craft their own world. A third of this world was filled with Zyrsit's ice, another third with Faetrihc's earth, and the last third with Lyvwekr's air. But Zyrsit and Faetrihc disagreed with the direction of this new world – Zyrsit wished for a beautiful world of ice and snow, while Faetrihc wished for a brutal world of earth and fire. The two began to consume each other's territories, each trying to bring out their vision of the world.

Zyrsit knew that ze would lose without help, as Faetrihc was the strongest of them all, so ze plotted to gain Lyvwekr's favor. With sweet words and the promise of power, Zyrsit turned Lyvwekr against Faetrihc. Cold and Wind turned against Heat, and before long, Zyrsit had frozen over the land and exiled Faetrihc to a lone spot in the ice-capped ocean, where zer fire and rage continues to burn free. But Zyrsit, who still held a shred of empathy for zer sibling, allowed Faetrich's heat to melt zer ice for a few short months of the year.

From heat and water came Xheiyran, and from Xheiyran came life and death. Soon the world became filled with strange creatures, many of whom perished during the cold, dark winters. But Xheiyran's second brood – Vaelyk-saar – would survive, and those who could not keep their arrogance in check would turn into the Ferah-saar. It was Vahrtiis, the Starsource, who first had the idea of leaving the Ferah-saar behind. One by one, the Lavaak-sa'haar vanished from the world, leaving Zyrsit as the last deity remaining. And while Zyrsit was loathe to give up zer world of everlasting ice, ze too followed the others to another plane.

  Zyrsiin & Zynlael

DOMAIN: The Artesian Waters
SIGIL: Summer's Solstice
ASSOCIATIONS: Rivers, songs, glass, dark blues
  • Beauty
  • Humility
  • Cooperation
  • The spring and summer seasons
  • Fertility

  • Farmers
  • Hopeful parents
  • Those facing harships

  • N/A

Zyrsiin is a kind and benevolent soul who loves all the creatures of Myr'seros, and thus gave them the warmth of summer in which to flourish and proliferate. Ze values cooperation and acceptance over conflict and intolerance - ze will always try to reach the solution that is best for everyone, regardless of how complicated it may be. It is said that Zyrsiin is very involved in the lives of the Vaelyk-saar and the Ferah-saar, having spent the most time around them before zer disappearance.


Zyrsiin is often depicted with 6 complex horns and spiral and curl around one another, all of which contain little to no decorations. The portions of zer mane near zer carapce is bound into a large bun, but the other parts of zer mane flow freely down zer back. Ze always wears a veil that covers zer face.


When Zyrsit emerged victorious against Faetrihc, ze split zemself in two to better govern zer new world. Zyrsiin, who inherited Zyrsit's benevolence, was to rule over the newly-created summer, while Zynlael, who inherited Zyrsit's apathy, was to rule over the cold winter. They would work in shifts – Zyrsiin would watch over the land during the summer while Zynlael slept, and Zynlael would watch over the land during the winter while Zyrsiin slept. In the spring and autumn, both would be in varying states of consciousness as they transitioned towards the new season.

It was Zyrsiin who witnessed the birth of Xheiyran where the rushing river met the unfrozen sea. The two became fast friends, as Zyrsiin encouraged Xheiyran to create zer first brood. But summer soon turned to fall, and as winter approached, Zyrsiin fell into a deep slumber. When ze awoke the next year, all of Xheiyran's creations had long since perished in Zynlael's brutal winter. Zyrsiin wept inconsolably, only stopping when Xheiyran created a new batch of creatures with great wings that danced in Lyvwekr's skies. "They too will perish when Zynlael awakens," Zyrsit cried.

"It's okay," Xheiyran told zem, "They will sleep during the winter, just like you, and reawaken with the safety of spring."

Zyrsiin, still guilty over the deaths of Xheiyran's first brood, promised to take care of zer second. From then onwards, Zyrsiin would send great rivers flowing through the land every spring, signaling to Xheiyran's brood that it was time to emerge from their hibernation.

DOMAIN: The Glacial Rift
SIGIL: Winter's Solstice
ASSOCIATIONS: Glaciers, silence, mirrors, light blues
  • Vanity
  • Arrogance
  • Ambition
  • The fall and winter seasons
  • Individuality

  • CEOs and other executives
  • Celebrities
  • Those who wish to reach the tops of their fields

  • N/A

Zynlael is an cold and uncaring deity who has little regard for the creatures of Myr'seros, and thus unleashes brutal winters and endless snow upon the world. ze is vain and arrogant, always more concerned about zemself than those around zem. Those who do not accept zer actions and decisions will simply be erased by heavy snows and unyielding avalanches. Though it can be argued that Zynlael is a malevolent deity, ze is said to be more apathetic to the concerns of the Ferah-saar than actively antagonistic towards them.


Zynlael is often depicted with 6 simple horns that curve backwards in a gentle wave pattern; these horns are covered in elaborate accessories. zer mane is bound into ze also has long, sharp claws that are at least twice the size of a normal Ferah-saar's.


When Zyrsit emerged victorious against Faetrihc, ze split zemself in two to better govern zer new world. Zynlael, who inherited Zyrsit's apathy, was to rule over the cold winter, while Zyrsiin, who inherited Zyrsit's benevolence, was to rule over the newly-created summer. They would work in shifts – Zynlael would watch over the land during the winter while Zyrsiin slept, and Zyrsiin would watch over the land during the summer while Zynlael slept. In the spring and autumn, both would be in varying states of consciousness as they transitioned towards the new season.

One year, when Zynlael awoke, ze was greeted by a mix of strange new creatures that did not resemble zem or zer siblings. Thinking that Seitziil had found some way to influence the outer world from zer prison at the bottom of the world, Zynlael called upon Lyvwekr, and together they unleashed a devastating and brutal blizzard that lasted for the entire length of winter. All the creatures perished, many entombed in gigantic slabs of ice and locked away beneath uncountable layers of snow. Satisfied with zer work in stopping the Chaos menace, Zynlael returned to slumber near the start of spring.

The next year, Zynlael awoke to yet another batch of strange creatures. Ze and Lyvwekr called forth another blizzard, and buried them deep in ice and snow yet again. The year after that, ze was shocked to discover that the creatures had survived somehow and had multiplied. One of the creatures, a massive beast with wings that could rival Lyvwekr's, flew towards zem. "I am Tahr'saar'rihc," xe introduced, "I am the eldest of Vaelyk-saar. We are the spawn of Xheiyran, Ze Who Breathes Life Into the World. Great Zyrsiin, Ze Whose Voice Births Rivers, has told us about you. Oh great Zynlael, Ze Whose Thoughts Beckon Ice and Snow, we ask for naught but your tolerance. My kin and I will sleep in the winter, just as Zyrsiin does, but we require the fall to prepare. Please stay your hand, and we will be out of your way."

Zynlael thought about the Vaelyk-saar's request and agreed – as long as they were not the spawn of Seitziil, ze would tolerate their presence in this world. And so the autumn season became a gradual transition from the warmth of summer to the coldness of winter, instead of the abrupt transition it used to be.


AFFINITY: Darkness
DOMAIN: The Sea of Secrets
SIGIL: The All-Seeing Shroud
ASSOCIATIONS: Books, eyes, the color black
  • Knowledge
  • Secrets
  • The oceans
  • Mutations and genetic abnormalities
  • Primordial chaos

  • Academics / scholars
  • Journalists and other truth-seekers
  • Students desperately trying to pass their exams after not studying

  • The eldest of the Lavaak-sa'haar
  • There is debate as to whether Seitziil and the Primordial Consciousness are the same entity

Seitziil is a mysterious entity who always speaks in riddles. It is said that ze has knowledge of all that has happened and will ever happen, and thus sees no need to interfere with the lives of the Ferah-saar. Ze is apathetic towards the world at large, preferring the companionship of books over the companionship of other beings.


Seitziil is depicted with a wide variety of mutations, many of which are exceedingly rare in Ferah-saar. These include: polycoria, polymelia, abnormally long elbow and ankle protrusions, and an odd number of horns. Zer 5 horns, which branch on one side only, curve upward to form a shape similar to an eye. Zer mane is wavy and unshaped, flowing freely along zer back.


The universe was originally an infinite expanse of chaos, an unconstrained mass of endless possibilities and ever-shifting forms. Within that void existed an amorphous and nameless consciousness, a contradictory being that belonged to the chaos, yet also governed it. For an unknown time, before the concept of time even existed, the primordial consciousness allowed its thoughts to wander, creating and destroying without end. Then, in all its capriciousness, it dreamed of the first light, and from that dream emerged Vahrtiis, the origin of all stars.

Vahrtiis forced order upon the primordial chaos through the tyranny of light, endangering its very existence. In response, the Primordial Consciousness split off a portion of itself to destroy the being it had willed into existence, creating Seitziil, the Unknowable One. Shrouded in darkness, Seitziil chased after Vahrtiis, swallowing the light that Vahrtiis had left behind and returning it to primordial chaos. But no matter what Seitziil did, ze was never able to catch up to Vardise – for each star ze ate, another one would arise elsewhere. It seemed as if this battle would last for eternity.

Seitziil had long forseen the creation of Heat, Cold, and Wind. Though ze did not speak of it out loud, ze knew that the time of primordial chaos was over – another era was soon to come, one dominated by unchanging stability. And ze would be locked away, just as Vahrtiis would be, inside a prison at the end of the world.

Though ze had already accepted zer fate, ze did not give up. Ze fought with great ferocity, reminding the new deities why darkness and chaos were to be feared. In the end, ze was still defeated, overcome by the combined forces of Light, Heat, Cold, and Wind.

Seitziil was content to stay at the bottom of the world, watching as everything moved further and further away from primordial chaos. But ze was born of that which made up the world, as so was able to extend zer influence beyond the murky depths in which ze was trapped. Ze's interference was subtle, so much so that none of the other deities were aware of it. Then, when the Vaelyk-saar finally turned to the Ferah-saar, Seitziil detected Vahrtiis's disappearance from the roof of the world. Ze had predicted this, of course, and so followed in Vahrtiis's lead, knowing that zer disappearance would be required for the world that was to come. Thus Seitziil became the second deity to withdrawl from the Ferah-saar.


DOMAIN: Tahr'saar'rihc's Spine
SIGIL: The Origin Helix
ASSOCIATIONS: Crystals (esp. opals), the color white
  • Stars and suns
  • The universe
  • Domination
  • Law and order
  • The passage of time

  • Government officials
  • Astronomers
  • Those lacking direction in their lives

  • N/A

Vahrtiis is a tyrant who imposes zer vision upon the world, regardless of any objections from others. While ze always has the best intentions in mind, zer refusal to consider other points of view often leads to unwanted consequences. It is said that ze will often answer prayers from the Ferah-saar, but zer response will always be what ze believes to be the solution, regardless of what the worshipper had been asking for.


Vahrtiis is depicted with 5 horns; out of those 5 horns, 2 pairs of 2 (4 total) spiral around each other like helices. Ze also has 2 tails, which also spiral around one another to form a single, large, twisted tail. Unlike most Ferah-saar, ze has 5 fingers and 4 toes. Many parts of zer body are depicted as being made of pure starlight, giving off the appearance of galaxies and nebulae.


Vahrtiis awoke in a universe that was dark and disorderly, composed entirely of primordial chaos. Though ze had been birthed by the dreams of the void, ze believed it to be too unpredictable and unstable to sustain anything beyond itself. Vahrtiis envisioned a world composed of more than just zemself and the Primordial Consciousness, so ze created the first star to enforce order upon the void.

As Vahrtiis spawned more and more stars, ze gradually began to erase the dark with zer light. In response, the Primordial Consciousness fashioned Seitziil, the Unknowable One, to eliminate the threat to its existence. Though the appearance of a new being intrigued zem, Vahrtiis did not attempt to engage with zem. 'Ze and the void are interconnected, and the void cannot not be reasoned with,' Vahrtiis concluded, before continuing on with zer task. But no matter how much light Vahrtiis would inject into the universe, Seitziil would be there to swallow it up.

Vahrtiis was pleased with the emergence of Heat, Cold, and Wind, and even more so when they pledged their assistance to lock away Seitziil and the primordial chaos. Soon chaos would be gone, and a stable, orderly world would take its place.

So caught up was ze in zer own ideas that ze had not even considered any other possibilities. Ze did not question the veracity of the trio's words, and so was completely caught off guard when they turned to betray zem. Light was mighty, the equal of Dark, but not even Light could stand against Heat, Cold, and Wind all at once.

Though Vahrtiis was enraged by Zyrsit, Faetrihc, and Lyvwekr's betrayal, ze was quite satisfied with the world they had managed to bring about. Cycles of light repeated day after day, and cycles of seasons repeated year after year. Even the epheremal spawn of Xheiyran followed predictable cycles of sleep and wakefulness, of hibernation and activity, and of life and death. But then a group of zer spawn, filled with arrogance, attempted to defy the laws that the the deities themselves had created. Though Lyvwekr had already severed their wings, they did not repent.

'If the Ferah-saar believe themselves to be equal to us, then they must be taught that they are not,' Vahrtiis concluded. And so Vahrtiis relayed a message to Lyvwekr: "If the spawn of Xheiyran are to be so foolish, then we shall let them live in a world without us, with all the consequences that entails." Though Vahrtiis did not know if the others would follow zer plan, ze removed zemself from this world and disappeared to another plane.



Affinity: Wind
Domain: Wekr Plateau
Represents: Storms, lightning, betrayal, regret
Associated with: Chimes, armor, rituals, the color grey
Lyvwekr is an meticulous individual who values decorum and tradition. Strict but fair, ze is perhaps the most level-headed of the Lavaak-sa'haar and the one who arbitrates disagreements. Ze hates injustice and unfair dealings, which often puts zem at odds with Xheiyran. Though Lyvwekr is perceived to be an honorable individual by most, it is said that ze has never been able to get over zer betrayal of Faetrihc.
Often worshipped by:
  • Hikers and explorers
  • Defenders
  • Reformed criminals
  • Is said to defend the Observatory from any who would seek to take Vahrtiis's power for themselves
  • Also called Lyvwek in some dialects


Affinity: Earth and fire
Domain: Faetahran Islands
Represents: Volcanoes, war, rebirth, forgiveness
Associated with: Metals, tools and weapons, volcanic rocks (particularly obsidian), the colors yellow and red
Faetrihc is a moody and solitary creature, who keeps away from others despite yearning for the affection of others. Ze usually does not say what ze means, requiring those around zem to read between the lines and interpret what ze is unwilling to say out loud. When upset, it is said that ze is equally as likely to slip into an uncontrollable rage as a deep depression.
Faetrihc has 4 horns split into 2 pairs. One pair is rather small and grows backward, while the other pair is much larger and grows forwards in an S-shape. One of the two larger horns is broken and unrepaired, but glows with the color of uncooled lava where it is broken. zer body is covered in scars which glow faintly like embers.
Often worshipped by:
  • Those seeking a new beginning
  • Craftspeople
  • none


Affinity: Nature
Domain: Xhei Lowlands
Represents: Life and death, medicine, the hunt
Associated with: Bones, eggshells, the colors brown and green
Xheiyran is the untamed side of nature in all its visceral beauty. Ze is often described as an underhanded trickster who would stop at nothing to achieve zer goals. ze values bluntness and hates flowery language, but it is said that zer lack of tact results in frequent clashes with the other Lavaak-sa'haar, particularly Faetrihc.
Xheiyran has two large, segmented horns that curve backwards, with each segment having a small spike that protrudes outward in the front. zer mane is short and braided on one side, but long and untamed on the other. Often times, one of zer eyes is obscured by zer unbraided mane. While most of Xheiyran's body resembles that of a normal Ferah-saar, zer legs are almost skeletal in nature. From the thighs down, zer legs cease to have any flesh and are made entirely of bone.
Often worshipped by:
  • Doctors and medical workers
  • Hunters
  • The sick
  • Youngest of the Lavaak-sa'haar
  • Progenitor of the Vaelyk-saar and the Ferah-saar
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