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If you've come to thieve, leave

I work very hard on all of my art, and I swear on my life that it is 100% by me. Please do not recolor, steal, kin, reference, roleplay, or accuse me of tracing.

Any of this will result in a very angry message from me and a block

Don't “borrow forever”

Trade info:

Charcaters in the “Sonas” folder are NEVER UFT. If I do not offer first, please do not ask.

Otherwise, feel free to offer on anything in the “Up for trade folder” and “OCs” (I am pretty attached to charcaters not in the UFT folder so it’s likely I will decline)

Other info:


There is a link to my Etsy and instagram on my profile, but I will not draw for free.

Feel free to DM me if you’re interested in a commission 

Some of my art may have gore! It’s candy gore but still- If you are uncomfortable with this, leave. Don’t message me about how it looks.

I don’t do NSFW! You don’t have to worry bout that from me, and do not ever ask me to draw it!

DO NOT KIN, SHIP MY CHARACTERS OR ROLEPLAY AS MY CHARACTERS! I’m glad you like them or that your relate to them but my characters are not for you to use! If you want to ship my character with yours, please ask first!

you can draw my characters as long as you give proper credit!

When drawing my characters: 

Gore is fine, just not too much please!

Stick to the characters personality! If it isn’t stated, just ask!

No NSFW/suggestive content!! Especially on characters who are asexual or minors!!

Please let me know if anybody is stealing my art or yours. I would be happy to help.

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No thanks!