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25 (physically) | 5'11" | they/them | whisper elf | witch

... Maybe they're just a chill guy.


quick look
  • yandere jester
  • NO boundaries
  • thrives off your discomfort


Cheerful and bubbly, Salem might seem like your best friend … unless you say something that doesn’t sit right with them, and their tone will shift instantly. This shouldn’t be much of a concern, though – they’re rather open-minded, even to things that might skeeve out a normal person. Their positive attitude can sometimes be misplaced and they generally disregard the mood of the room, even if read properly. The comfort of others is not something Salem is often concerned about.

If anything is important to them, it’s work performance. They do their best to uplift everyone on the team, believing that positive reinforcement is an important key to success. In the same breathe, however, they may easily tear into their own contributions, not seeing themself as a necessary asset. This can lead to making self-sacrificing decisions at the expense of their group and boss.


Tall and lanky, Salem covers their stick-like figure with layers of clothing. Their closet consists of jester-like frills and billowy sleeves, often white. They loom over everyone close to them, though their bad posture makes them less intimidating.

Their dark complexion is lightly freckled, and their hair is scraggly and haphazardly tied up. (When down, it’s just past shoulder-length.) They have short hair danglies, and strands are often in their face.

Crystal blue eyes hide behind their glasses (frame shape is up the artist’s discretion) and they have pretty eyelashes! They don’t wear makeup, but have a natural, bishonen beauty to them. They are almost always wide-eyed and smiling.

Down their back runs a tattoo of a white snake – though it seems like it may be missing some elements to it.

  • BIRTHDAY: June 17 (World Juggling Day)
  • ALIGNMENT: lawful evil
  • VOICE: Greg Kasavin as Hypnos
  • ZODIAC: Gemini
  • CAMPAIGN: Gatecrashers