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timber wolf hybrid (timber wolf x king shepherd, high content wolf.)


Terra is a tomboyish timber wolf hybrid with a steely exterior, but she is actually very warmhearted and tactful in reality. She is almost never seen without her "adopted brother," Dalton the eagle. She honors her family strongly.  She likes cracking jokes and can be extremely snarky when she wants to be, but will be very compassionate to the few of those she allows to be close to her. Despite being a kind person, she is rather introverted, and gets overwhelmed when approached by too many people. Terra is also extremely stubborn and passionate, resulting in her being very unwavering in her beliefs and opinions - she has a difficult time seeing the perspective of those who clash with her morals. She can be very rash and hot headed at times, and her blunt way of speaking often hurts others unintentionally, especially those who do not know her well. She is often the first person to call someone out when they have done something wrong; unafraid of conflict or arguing for the sake of what is right. She is selfless when it comes to both strangers and those who she loves, always wanting to help someone when she can. 

She can take things very personally and often needs an outside voice to help ground her when her emotions get the best of her. She doesn’t like to show her softer side and often hides it, doing things like crying only when she is alone, putting up a wall when meeting new people, and cracking jokes when things get bad. Along with this, she is highly critical of herself, and beats herself down for mistakes she has made, even if she does not outwardly say it. In reality, she is a very cynical person deep down, and struggles with overcoming past abuse. A traumatized person at the core of it all, she sometimes will freeze up and spiral into a panic when faced with a situation, place, person or thing that is all too similar to a bad memory she carries. It’s not easy to get close to Terra, who sets very strict boundaries with most people, but once she opens up to someone they certainly have a friend for life.