[F2U] Star Charms's Comments

Thanks so much for these! I used Dreamy Tones on Celestial ^^

hey! firstly, i just wanted to say - cute code, i love it. i used it for these guys: per aspera ad astra. i use one code for characters all in the same story ^^;; also! for the glow in the card code - the credit is there but between the "" in <a href= ""> there's no link (i added the link back to the code template myself) but i just wanted to let you know! same case with bootstrap colours but dreamy tones and snowflakes are fine. once again, neat code!

ooooh, oops, haha, good catch! thank you! 

of course! ღ

using for this gal!

Used for Ocean_Rever. Thank you!

Your HTML templates are amazing!! I used this one for one of my characters, I may use your other HTMLs as well for other characters!

Click here to who I used this for (low-key spooky warning! This guy is a cryptic ghost who likes to cause trouble haha)

I am a beginner at using codes and I learned how to used control-f with this and man, what a lifesaver! Thanks for that :D

Thank you so much for this HTML!! It's absolutely beautiful and fits perfectly with the character I used it for!!


aw that might be the cutest pony oc i've seen!

I apologize if I'm not supposed to comment here but I used one of the templates for one of my OCs bios! Link here: https://toyhou.se/9102615.cuteama

I'm just having a bit of trouble getting the image for my OC to display though. I'm not familiar with coding so I tried using the links of the artwork I wanted to use and replace the one that was a place holder. I thought it would work since theres a http involved and it's not just the files number or something like that.

I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong and I'm new to using templates like this.

heya, it's perfectly fine to comment! :)

for a pic, you need the address to the image file, specifically. you can get it pretty easily -- if you're using an image you've put on toyhouse already, just go to the image and right-click, then...


'copy image address' will give you what you need. on tablets/mobile, a similar menu should show on tap and hold, I believe. typically, image links will start with the http and end in the file extension, like .png

as an extra note -- if you're directly using your images from toyhouse, uploading a smaller or cropped copy of your image set to private, just for bio use, isn't a bad idea to ward off potential theft

I did all that but is still doesn't display. This is my image address https://f2.toyhou.se/file/f2-toyhou-se/images/29090675_G9LK2bIlyNXJZBn.jpg

I had to type it in manually as it doesn't let me copy and paste once i had the template already in so idk if that makes a difference or not.

I believe you caught the closing " on the image url when you put the address in -- adding one " right after .jpg should fix it

ooh wait nope I didn't look properly. your image code looks like it got mangled. sorry, it's very late for me
the line your image code is on should look like this:
<img src="https://f2.toyhou.se/file/f2-toyhou-se/images/2909675_G9LK2bllyNXJZBn.jpg" class="rounded-circle" style="max-height:225px;padding-top:8%">

Yeah, this is frustrating. Are you on Discord by any chance? I could have sworn I saw a Discord server link somewhere but I can't be sure.

It might be easier to share screenshots to be honest. Though I think I need to copy the code template again and start over.

For some reason when I woke up today Toyhouse decided to bunch up the code so that it's harder to read. J really should have put the code in notepad or something in to make it easier for me but I never think of these things in the moment.

I have to run errands to day but I'm usually on around noon.

it's ok! I do have discord, there's a server, I don't have the link handy at the moment but you can hit me up at Bear#4444 

I'm frequently on and off but if you leave me a message I'll get to it