Thomas Acker (Thomas Acker (9 years old))



3 years, 2 months ago


Bio for Thomas when he was 9.

Unlike his outgoing and loud brother, Thomas is a rather calm and introverted individual. He speaks and moves in a calm, almost graceful manner and his way of communicating with others is tactful. Thomas is considered very mature for his age, and his composure sometimes makes people mistake him for someone of much higher social status. 

Thomas is generally very silent and is not really the one to start a conversation on his own accord. In fact, Thomas seems to be a little reserved and he is often lost in his own daydreams, sometimes to the point he must be shaken a little to snap out of his thoughts. Resulting from this, people tend to find Thomas a little odd and don’t always know how to approach him. As he appears older than most of his peers, other kids also don’t really know how to communicate with Thomas. He isn’t interested in rough games and he isn’t interested in any other loud activities either. Despite this, however, Thomas really easily agrees to play with others, no matter what they are playing. With the loudest activities he often seems not to be really present though. His classmates sometimes describe Thomas “might be physically present, but his mind is somewhere far away, not in this place at all.” 

Despite his oddities, Thomas is a genuinely kind boy who other children often feel confident to trust their secrets to. Thomas can be very reassuring and he keeps secrets no matter what. He has a very fixed set of morals he acts according to and he wants the people around him to be happy. However, Thomas also has his own quirks and habits that might rub people the wrong way: he is very proud and stubborn on his own right, even more so than his big brother. He doesn’t like it when people order him around or take advantage of his high sense of responsibility, and he is known not to hide his displeasure if people do him wrong. He also doesn’t trust people easily and often pretends to be more naive than he is in order to protect himself.