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Gender Male
Pronouns He / Him
Age ???
Species Demon (artificial)


Nys is upbeat and unusually innocent for a demon. He has a passion for photography, his favorite subject being the sea and his partner, Korall.


Nys was originally created in a lab from the DNA of various demons. He was to be a weapon, a sort of “bomb” that was supposed to infiltrate demonkind and blow them up from the inside. However, the experiment backfired, and he went on a rampage, destroying the lab he was kept in and killing most of the scientists.

Considered too dangerous and uncontrollable, his powers were sealed and he was quarantined underneath the main lab, alongside other subjects. Sealed as he was, he was left in a catatonic state, which was for the better for the other quarantined subjects, or he would have surely slaughtered them all in his berserk rage.

But even inert, he was greatly influenced by his surroundings. Their powers fed his own. Their rage became his. Until, eventually, it all boiled over. The quarantine zone, also called the “Last Level of Hell” by those imprisoned inside it, exploded in a violent cocktail of rage and corrupted magic, blowing up the main lab and leaving a gigantic hole full of corrupted magic in its place.

The explosion of magic was so powerful, it corrupted the entire Earth, and Nys was among the many who climbed out in order to wreak some havoc. He was now completely feral, destroying everything in his path, lost to his powers.

Eventually, he was found by a group of demons who had come down to Earth to check on the damages, and was knocked out for everyone’s safety, including his own. Among them was the demon Sec, who kept him until he finally woke up, centuries later, having lost all memories of his life prior to waking up.

She named him Nys, and, once she deemed him stable enough, sent him to Quallan with the instruction to claim to be a Drake in order to avoid being targeted by demon hunters.

He did as such, but was quickly found out by the true dragon Korall, who happened to be living in the sea nearby Quallan. To Nys’ surprise, however, Korall kept his secret, and even helped cover for him. They also met a young girl named Climea who looked lost in the city, and ended up making a sort of makeshift family for the three of them.

Unfortunately, Nys’ identity as a demon was revealed at the same time as Climea’s as a demon hunter was, causing him to go berserk. Were it not for Korall’s intervention, they would have surely killed each other. It thankfully wasn’t the case, but their relationship was irreversibly changed by the event, even if Nys forgave Climea.

Design Notes

Base colors

Outfit colors

  • Eyes become bright red when berserk.


  • Like all demons, Nys is intersex.

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