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Pronouns:He or They
Race:Type 2 Gladar
Era:The Start
Best Friend:Restless
Theme:Black Mambo

Quiet Archivist

6931153_Zb9.pngNonstop is the oft-nervous ambassador between the Council Symps and Enlightened, uniquely situated by virtue of being both a Council Member and the object of Continuum's numerous affections. He isn't particularly well-liked, as he's been branded a traitor by both factions and his stoic anxiety can get in the way of his better judgement.

He often puts on an emotionless mask when dealing with people and having to go out of his comfort zone, in an effort to protect himself. Nonstop hates emotions and dealing with them, and bottles up absolutely everything - the only person Nonstop confides in his Conti. To the public, however, he's often characterized as an emotionless robot who's just using Conti for political power.

In reality, Nonstop is plagued by a deep ravine of gaping low self-worth, eroded over years of feeling alone and ostracized. He wants to do the right thing, but is so unconfident in himself he feels he would be literally incapable of carrying out the tasks needed for this. This constantly eats at him and undermines all of his actions, and Conti is the only one who fully knows the depth of his low self-esteem. Non truly wants what's best for the world, but is too full of self-doubt to think he can properly help mold it.

It really doesn't help that he's essentially a ticking time bomb of magic - being of an especially volatile isotope of Magninium, Nonstop has to be careful to not let himself boil over.

Most of his time is spent either tending to the Library in the Cacaesthesia (Nonstop is an avid reader, and makes sure the massive archive is up-to-date) or trying to bridge the gaps between the Council Symps and Enlightened. He's frankly rather poor at it, but he at least feels he's doing okay with getting the Council to warm back up to Continuum.

In his downtime, he likes to read stories and hang out with his family. He is fiercely loyal to them, and the easiest way to get under his skin is by insulting them incessantly. He probably won't show his annoyance beyond a narrowing of the eyes and later arranging for someone to smash in a window of their house.

Nonstop's best friend is Restless, which may come as odd - but both of them are mature enough to understand that the actions of Continuum were in no way caused by Nonstop and couldn't be stopped, in hindsight. Inversely, Nonstop is immensely uncomfortable around Obverse, who enjoys flirting with him and goading him into reacting in order to upset Continuum.

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  • Romcoms and soap operas
  • Collectible figurines
  • Meutins & sphinxes
  • Hot tubs


  • Disaster movies
  • Chewing noises
  • Sleeping
  • Sneezing


  • ♥ ISTJ ♥ Lawful Neutral 
  • ♥ Created: ~April 13, 2015.

Design Notes

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Nonstop's horn can be broken down into two halves - the left half is centered on his skull, and the right half tilts towards his right ear. Usually, he's pretty neutral in his expressions - not out of genuine stoicness, but because he has difficulty expressing himself most of the time. When wordplay or debates are involved, though, Nonstop can quickly become almost as animated and excitable as Continuum. 

He has an hourglass figure and very curvy hips, and wears a black binder underneath all of his various outfits (but you don't need to draw this). In his modern outfit, the right shoulder should always be the bare one, and the sweater drapes down over his thighs/crotch. You can depict him with self-harm scars on the thighs if the picture calls for it. Please only draw him getting gored by Conti, thank you.

Feel free to draw him in any of his outfits or design a new one, as long as the palette stays the same.




• Favorite color is pink
• Favorite season is Autumn
• Favorite memory is proposing to Continuum
• Loves TV, especially sitcoms/romcoms
• Dislikes eating
• Strongest sense is touch
• Strongest taste is sweet
• Right-handed
• Is super ticklish in the ribs/stomach/back of neck
Voice Claim
• Favorite thing about Conti is his sense of humor
• Very fond of cuddling and touching Conti's fur/hair
• Favorite thing about Restless is his forgiving attitude
• Ate a rock one time. (Regrets this.)
• When he's crying, the easiest way to calm him down is letting him hug/hold Continuum
• Highly values someone he can debate with about philosophy
• Actually feels threatened by Continuous and constantly worries she'd be better for Continuum