Vijaya Thradvir



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This is now the fandomless original version of my One Punch Man OC Lady Vijaya/Steven Universe gem OC Turquoise. I altered the design a bit, but kept the colors, since I love the combination. A story about her is in the making.

Vijaya's main inspirational charcters are: Korra (Avatar franchise), Mulan (Disney), Leela Turanga (Futurama), Princess Leia (Star Wars), Wonder Woman (DC Comics) and Lord Boros (One Punch Man)

Basic information:
Full Name: Vijaya Thradvir
Nick- and other names: Vi, Lady Vijaya (by her crew), Dark Matter Swordsman
Age: <30 (Appearance), 20.000+ (in earth years)
Species: Alien (Escarian)
Place of birth: Planet Escarion
Birthday: March 9th (on Earth, creation date)
Western Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Height: 195cm (6’5”)
Weight: 83kg (183lbs)
Dominant hand: Right
Occupation: Leader of the Intergalactic Freedom Fighters (currently), Spaceship Mechanic (formerly)

Vijaya's romantic and sexual orientation is undisclosed. Her gender identity is demigirl, she got assigned female at birth, but identifies as not fully female. Vijaya's pronouns are she/her.

Vijaya is a tall, athletic built and slightly curvaceous female cyclops alien. She has neck-length, wavy cotton candy pink hair and her heart-shaped face is framed with symmetric short bangs. Vijaya's skin is light blue and her single eye’s iris is turquoise. She has also razor-sharp teeth, posseses sharp black claws and pointed ears. Vijaya wears three pairs of earrings. One of them hangs down from each ear lobe and has diamond shaped purple gemstones hanging down on tiny golden beads and the other two pairs are simple golden rings located at her upper ears.

Vijaya's prominent outfit is an uniform consisting of a plum-colored top with golden rims and golden diamond shaped buttons, white loose pants tucked into knee-high black heavy boots. Beneath her top is a black sleeveless turtleneck sweater, which has protective function like an armor. A black belt is embracing her waist and a black sword sheath with golden ornaments is attached to it.

Disabilities/Mental Illnesses:
Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), caused through a traumatic event on her home planet and various other things she has experienced

Positive Traits: Optimistic, Determined, Intelligent, Disciplined, Courageous, Loyal, Honest
Negative Traits: Aggressive, Short-tempered, Vengeful, Prideful, Restless, Cocky, Alcoholic

Likes and Dislikes:
Likes: Her family, her friends, her crew, spaceship technology, swordsmanship, swords, physical exercise, books, the color purple, alcoholic beverages
Dislikes: Space pirates, criminals, slave traders, Prince Mevon, dishonesty, her mother's conservative behavior

Powers and Abilities:
Vijaya is a fast, agile and determined fighter (offensive and defensive) with quick reflexes and high endurance. She is a skilled psychic and physical combatant, also a master swordsman.
Swordsmanship: Even if she's a skilled psychic, the sword is her primary weapon in battle. Vijaya mastered single-handed swordsmanship through the help with her predecessor and mentor Awrag. Vijaya owns a few swords. She is able to cut down and kill a large amount of enemies in matter of seconds. Vijaya also uses telekinesis and sword combined, launching her sword like a torpedo at opponents.
Telekinesis: Vijaya is able to lift objects and lets objects levitate of any size with her mind only. She can even throw people around like dolls. Vijaya is also able to launch objects from far away. She uses telekinesis frequently in combat. Vijaya uses telekinesis for floating as well. Her aura around objects and people, while using telekinesis, is a vibrant pink.
Telepathy: Vijaya is able to transmit thoughts into an other’s mind or read another one’s mind. She is using telepathy to communicate through minds with other telepaths. Vijaya uses her telepathy like a radar to sense certain targets. Reading memories is also one of her skills. She is also able to block and mask her thoughts from others, granting invisibility from hostile telepaths. Vijaya is also able to suppress other psychics powers through telepathy.
Dark Matter Manipulation: Vijaya possesses this extraordinary power. Only a few have this ability in the universe. An other well known user is her predecessor Professor Awrag. She is also able to transmute or create darts (spiky, needle like bullets), what she shoots at opponents. Vijaya still needs to learn about this ability.
Other abilities: In addition to psychic powers and swordsmanship, Vijaya has prowess in hand-to-hand combat. The cyclops alien also uses her sharp-clawed hands in battle. Her raw strength, which is quite impressive, allow her to lift up people heavier than her or give an oponent a fatal punch. She uses her species specific regeneration technique paired with telekinetic regeneration, allowing her to reattach severed limbs. Apparently her endurance varies, because of the scar on her back aching, she supresses the pain with medication though. Vijaya is also resistant to heat and electricity.

Arun Thradvir I (father)
Eloya Thradvir (mother)
Arun Thradvir II (older brother)
Firin & Rhirin Thradvir (older brothers, twins)
Nanona Thradvir-Palah (sister in law)
Professor Awrag (predecessor as IFF leader, mentor)
Lieutenant Kaelez (second in command, best friend)
Sergeant Pharex (Sergeant, best friend)
Sergeant Rohir (Sergeant, best friend)
Professor Eni (Awrag’s daughter, IFF scientist, best friend)