Cyrus Bell



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Cyrus Bell
  • Name Cyrus Bell
  • Age 14
  • Gender Male
  • Height 155cm
  • Orientation Bi/pan
  • Type Human
  • Birthday 21.5 (Gemini)
  • Alignment Neutral Good
  • Occupation Student
  • Weapon Slingshot, his own fists
  • MusicX & X

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Next time you fight while waiting for my treatment, I'll make sure to treat you with a punch to the face!

A boy from a relatively poor family, Cyrus transfers to the boarding school of Lottenberg during the spring of his second year thanks to a diploma. Although he is beautiful to the point he momentarily steals Claude's spotlight at school when he arrives, Cyrus has a short temper and he gets angered and frustrated very easily, greatly disliking the attention he gets from the other boys. While he pretends to come from a rich family to avoid being looked down upon by others, his rough language and behavior sooner or later reveal his lies and humble home conditions.

Despite his obvious flaws, Cyrus is still generally a kind boy who doesn’t like too much attention and adoration coming from others, and he prefers small groups of friends over large ones. He is also very hard-working and practical thanks to his upbringing in a relatively poor and small village, and he is especially good at first aid - to the point he soon becomes the unofficial nurse among the boys of his new school. He gets attached to people quickly and doesn’t usually hate others easily, even if he might form negative opinions of people at first.

Because of his upbringing and previous studies in a public school, Cyrus often fails to grasp the social structure of the all-boys school, treating everyone the same regardless of their background or social standing within the school's own hierarchy. This often leads him to awkward situations and trouble, and especially at first he and Claude are at loggerheads with each other, Claude demanding his position to be recognized, and Cyrus failing to grasp just why Claude is acting the way he does. Nevertheless, they end up establishing a bond with each other first thanks to Jonathan, and later over Cyrus saving Claude. He also befriends Edmund, Oliver and Leon.


Cyrus is a boy of a shorter stature, only 152cm in height and with a somewhat slim build. Before his accident Cyrus was quite active with physical tasks and as such had a relatively athletic body, but after a year of being forced to take things much easier he has gotten weaker and a little more scrawny. His left knee is always bandaged from thigh to mid-calf, and underneath the bandages he has multiple small scars. He has a light skin with creamy white, poofy hair with curled and round hair ends. His eyebrows are the same colour as his hair and relatively large, making his expressions seem even more intense than they already are by default. His eyes are amber-coloured and vigilant looking, although Cyrus is more often than not presented with varying degrees of a frown on his face. His face is remarkably girl-like with soft features, long eyelashes and red, glossy lips, causing others to sometimes get confused by his gender or downright mistake him for a girl. He tends to claim he knows he has "a girl's face" and doesn't seem to be all too concerned about it.

He is usually featured wearing the boarding school’s uniform with a prefect’s cravat. The only difference to the normal outfit are his sock garters, his visible bandages and black socks instead of white (a sign of a diploma student). His actual home clothes are relatively humble and second hand, a result of the rather tight budged of his low income family.

Cyrus is very expressive and his emotions tend to show on his face, and he has the tendency to move his hands to emphasize what he's talking about, especially if he's telling a story. His voice has already deepened but it lacks distinct texture, making his voice clear to the point it can be hard for people to tell his gender based on his voice alone, although it's undoubtedly closer to a man's voice than that of a woman's.


Having grown up in a less than well-off family, Cyrus has learned to understand the importance of work. In that sense he has learned to be dutiful and responsible, and he most definitely isn’t someone who purposefully wants to slack off on things he has promised to carry on. However, because of this dutifulness and high responsibility, Cyrus usually avoids volunteering into extra work in order not to burn himself out: as much as he wants and loves to help and be in charge of carrying things out, he understands he can’t always do it all. Nevertheless, he's almost always eager to help others out.

Especially because of his knee's condition, Cyrus is painfully aware of his own limits and understands when he can’t do something, no matter how much he would like to. However, this also frustrates him greatly, and as the damage is still somewhat new to him, Cyrus has hard time dealing with his own limits sometimes. Especially given his short temper and tendency to get impatient fast, it’s no wonder he is often on a foul mood that might result in mean and pissed off replies even to nice questions. However, as fast as he is to anger, he is also just as quick to calm down, and usually also apologizs if he feels he has done something wrong.

Although Cyrus might not look like a proud person, he most definitely is, and despises people who try to force their help on him due to his condition. He dislikes people who pity him, and while he knows his limits, he might occasionally still push and try them if it is to prove other people he doesn't need help (even when this would actually be the case). In many ways Cyrus is still struggling to accept his disability and the changes it has brought into his life, but he is definitely working on it, slowly but surely.

Cyrus feels embarrassed by his roots and somewhat low social status now that he is older and more aware of the social stigma of poverty, and as such he tends to pretend he is from a wealthier family than he actually is. He has adopted a somewhat arrogant and snobby attitude, but the wall of deception is fast to come down when his own feelings get more intense and he forgets his own act. When natural, Cyrus tends to use somewhat foul language and his behavior is often somewhat rowdy and brash, even when he doesn’t mean any harm. Although he himself is ashamed of it and wishes to act more like a noble boy, others find his personality more charming than anything, especially due to the contrast with his looks.

As a friend Cyrus is very loyal, and despite his reserved behavior he actually gets attached to others very fast. It’s surprisingly easy to make friends with him once some sort of shared trait or interest is found, and Cyrus tends to open up very fast. He respects other people's boundaries and isn't known as the most physically affectionate person, but with some people he might get more cuddly with - but in secret, of course. He isn't always the best at reading the mood though, and might end up being intrusive or rude without the intention to be.


Cyrus was born in a northern country called Halsnö to a nurse mother and a carpenter father. His mother was a native to Halsnö, while his father was from another country - and as such, Cyrus grew up naturally bilingual. As the only child he got plenty of love growing up, but likewise he was raised with rules strict enough to teach him his place from an early age: his parents wanted to raise their son humble and helpful, to the halsnösian values of that time.

Back in those days they were a middle class family, regularly working but never struggling to survive. However, things changed when Cyrus’ paternal grandparents both died of an infectious illness: a pair of failed merchants, all their debts fell on the back of their only son - Cyrus’ father. The family was forced to move to his father’s home country in an attempt to salvage the failed business, but with no marketing skills of his own, they soon went to bankruptcy and lost most of their wealth and belongings. They were left with very little of their own, balancing on the poverty line and being forced to work long hours to afford a house, food and presentable clothes. Although they were not so poor that they would be forced to become beggars, it was evident Cyrus’ parents overworked themselves in an attempt to secure a healthy childhood for their son and answer to all his basic needs.

Poverty line

Initially the lowering of their financial situation didn’t bother Cyrus: he was only a child at the time, no older than six, and to him the only things that mattered were his parents being there, and the free time he had to play with other children outside. It was true his clothes were not as prim and proper as most of his friends had, and sometimes he had to go to sleep while feeling a little hungry, but every day was a new adventure, and the community he lived in treated him mostly with unconditional kindness, much like many small villages do. Many had a lot of sympathy for the family who had to bear the burden of their elders, and many of them would voluntarily help them out through subtle means, whether it was by bringing extras of the bread they baked or asking favors instead of money for the jobs they did for them.

However, as Cyrus grew older, he stated catching onto their financial situation, and what it truly meant to be poor: the way people pitied them; the things other children would say to Cyrus when he came to school with holes in his clothes; the looks of the old ladies of the village who only waited for the moment Cyrus’ parents would accidentally neglect him so that they could call the authorities. He learned his living conditions, albeit not the worst, were something to be ashamed of - something that made him a lesser person in the eyes of some. And no matter how his parents told him to hold his head high and ignore those who wished him ill for the things beyond his own control, Cyrus was a hot-headed child regularly getting into physical alterations with those who made fun of him or insulted his family.

Despite his short temper (which undoubtedly was even shorter than it would be when older), Cyrus was still considered a good friend many children even admired: he had a strong, willful nature with a disposition of a leader when needed, and he knew how to get others join his various shenanigans. Although never actively harmful, there would be time when hi misadventure with the other kids would lead to broken windows, bruises and ruined gardens, but it was never his intention - merely a result of things going wrong. Understanding the financial burden he put his parents under with this behavior, however, Cyrus would do his best avoiding real trouble where money was involved.

Early adolescence

Although Cyrus had a mainly favorable position among his peers, his physical appearance would tip the scale as he grew older: to the other children (and especially boys), there was something almost uncannily feminine about the way he looked, and jealousy and an odd sense of discomfort from others eventually drove them to shun and some even bully Cyrus. Back then it didn’t help his case that Cyrus was starting to grow his hair longer, inspired by a musician he admired greatly, only further emphasizing his already androgynous appearance.

Proud as he was though and fast to answer to violence with violence, Cyrus didn’t let this get to him, and he eventually managed to gain some respect from others through beating the worst bullies up. However, in the end his school and parents both had to put an end to his violence - as justified as it felt in his circumstances - and Cyrus was made a class prefect as a different attempt at making him feel included. Being a prefect was an unexpected position for Cyrus, who everyone knew as a troublemaker, but it turned out to be an effective way for him to settle the score with his classmates through non-violent means: his position gave him a certain degree of respect and power due to his position only, and he got to work with other students, eventually making everyone forget why they had been shunning him in the first place - he was the same Cyrus, after all. He ended up enjoying his prefect position far more than he had anticipated, and delighted being able to help others out and feel himself to be useful.

The incident 

Not long after turning 13, Cyrus’ life changed permanently when he hurt his knee in an accident. Having found an old, worn down wagon abandoned by the outskirts of the village, he and a couple of classmates were using it to slide down a hill. However, old as the wheels were, they eventually broke down, and in the midst of all this Cyrus first managed to get his foot struck against a wheel and was then sent off flying, hitting his knee into a rock nearby. The fall and rocky landing tore his flesh and shattered the bones of his knee, causing irreversible damage: even after his long (and mentally challenging) recovery, Cyrus could no longer walk straight with his leg, instead limping painfully. He was offered crutches to use even after his leg no longer had to be wrapped up, but Cyrus denied them along with any sort of canes or aid, feeling embarrassed and inferior by the idea of using visible tools to show everyone he’s disabled.

Resulting from this, Cyrus had to give up on most of his old outdoor activities and all future career plans, trying to adjust himself to a life where he could no longer exercise and roughhouse around like he had used to. He dealt with his condition with anger and denial, often straining his leg as he tried to force himself to move and snapping back at people who tried to help him. Cyrus tried his hardest at not falling into apathy though, and continued trying his best to help around the house, although he couldn't help but feel like he was just further burdening his already struggling parents with all the medical fees and treatments they had to pay for him.

Cyrus had played the family piano since his early childhood but strictly as a hobby: it was nothing more than a fun way to pass rainy days when he couldn't go outside, and his outdoor activities were what interested him the most - he even planned he could get a career in something sports related, or at least in something physical. After his accident, however, he started practicing piano, thinking it was the next best thing he could do and make a career out of, but lacked a passion for playing: he picked piano hastily out of desperation, and it did show in his attitude towards it.

He managed to finish his first year of middle school despite hospitalization, and did his best to raise his grades to somehow repay his parents, and through his studies (perhaps along with some concern and pity from his teachers) he was given the opportunity to study in a boarding school of Lottenberg where he could also practice piano playing, and he gladly accepted this.


The time he is mainly portrayed in takes place in spring season of his second year in middle school (after the events of the Sinfonia visual novel), where he is placed in the same class as Claude and Jonathan and given the prefect position to make it easier for him to adjust (and continue what he had already been doing in his old school). He comes late due to some complications with his knee during the autumn season, as well as some financial struggles that made it easier to simply attend his old school for autumn.

Due the fact Cyrus comes from a rather simple public school, he has trouble understanding the hierarchy and other unwritten rules of the boy school, often ending up in hilarious situations because of it. His primary friend group is that of Edmund, Oliver and him, but he also becomes friendly with most of his classmates (including Claude and Jonathan), a well as Leon.
Skills & Abilites

  • Really good at darts! He is good at throwing things in general, everything from rocks to knives. He grew up with a bunch of rowdy boys, and his throwing skills are mostly a thanks to a bunch of older boys who delighted in seeing Cyrus' natural talent. He has a very good and precise coordination, and his good eyesight further helps him to hit his targets with a high accuracy.

  • Moderately good at playing piano, and an alright singer. He also delights in making mocking songs about the people he doesn't like, and can even improvise melodies to make catchy jeers.

  • Cyrus is very good at first aid and has a good understanding of human anatomy and how human body works, especially for a boy his age. This has a lot to do with the fact he's very used to taking care of his own condition, but also because his mother is a nurse and has taught her son the basics - and a little more.

  • Knows how to fight and take care of himself, but his knee's condition makes it hard for him in practice. Nevertheless, picking a fight with Cyrus still isn't the smartest idea, as he can get very cunning when it comes to fighting other people, and he isn't afraid of playing dirty if his life is being threatened. 

  • Although he is by no means the top of his class, Cyrus puts a lot of effort into his studies to be able to keep his place in Lottenberg with his diploma. As such, he is decently intelligent, even if he may not seem like it. He excels in human anatomy and shows genuine interest in things related to medical science, even if he struggles greatly with mathematics.

  • Crushes on people very easily, but luck doesn't seem to be on his side: every person he falls for seems to be already taken!

  • Got his leg hurt when he was 13 and was told it would never return back to normal. His knee is loose and he keeps it bandaged so it won’t get dislocated, as well as to tell when he is pulling his leg into a wrong direction without noticing. It limits his movement considerably, and he walks with a bit of a limp.
  • Desperately wants to get better at piano playing because all his old career dreams were crushed in the accident. He finds it sometimes hard and frustrating to settle with calm hobbies when he used to be into football and other physical activities, but is slowly learning to appreciate the small, silent and more calm things around him.

  • Cyrus is not part of the Sinfonia VN: the game takes place in autumn, while Cyrus arrives to the school during spring. However, he makes a brief cameo in the game during an optional route.
  • He wanted to grow his hair long because of a musician he admired greatly. However, Cyrus wasn't actually very good at taking care of his hair at first, and it was often his mum who had to brush it for him to avoid it getting all tangled up. Once he starts in his new boarding school, however, Cyrus takes care of his looks to keep up with the appearance of a son of a wealthy family. Despite this though it's not an unusual sight to see leaves and branches sticking out of his hair if he has been outside.

  • He likes dresses and skirts and generally pretty clothes regardless of which gender they're targeted at, but he's deeply ashamed of his desire to wear women's clothes, especially given he isn't interested in cross-dressing in itself and has no desire to be read as a girl. Initially he tried on his mother's dresses in secret, but was deeply dissatisfied by the fact they were all too big to him and gave up on borrowing her's. He has, however, a female friend in his home village who knows about his secret and has lent some of her clothes to Cyrus as they're around the same size, but Cyrus tries his hardest not to bother her with his strange requests.

  • Similarly to Claude, Cyrus can be tad touchy about his feminine appearance, especially given he has been bullied about his looks in the past. In spite of all this, he's very aware of his looks and has learned to turn the other cheek when people make fun of him, and he actually has a pretty good self confidence towards his features in general - if anything, he's actually rather proud of them.