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Final Fantasy XV: Episode Io

Episode Io is a downloadable extra episode for Final Fantasy XV. It takes place before and during the events of chapter 9 of the main game and follows Io Gloria Pacem's struggle towards the discovery of the last survivors of her home versus her newfound duty towards her fiance and his allegiance to the rightful king of Lucis.

It was released on December 18, 2017, and is available for purchase via the PlayStation Network store and the Xbox Live marketplace. It is also a package included in a special bundle, upon purchasing Episode Ignis on its own.


Episode Io starts off slow, easing the players in, and giving it quite the contrast Episode Ignis has at the start of its game. Controls are immediately explained in a faux-tutorial battle against Iris (in which, at the end of the tutorial, she would have claimed to have gone easy on the player).

As the battle starts, the game guides the player with the various skills and techniques Io can do within the battlefield, encouraging the use of counters and well-timed technique combos rather than plain brute force. Io is shown to be relatively weak but agile and has a lot longer time-frame for countering compared to Ignis.

On the lower left, Io has three selected weapons to be used on the d-pad, the left pad ( ) for her darts, the right pad ( ) for her rapier, and the up pad ( ) for her mask. The mask gives Io full health and mana regeneration and ten seconds to auto-dodge anything, but has a one minute cool down so use it sparingly! Her rapier is the standard weapon used and has a one percent chance of stunning and poisoning the opponent hit with it. Her darts work long range and works almost like a gun, but slower and with lesser range.

On the right side, Io has two bars, the first named 'Instinct' and the second 'Logic'. It fills up as the player hits enemies, is hit by enemies, or upon standing still and pressing and holding the triangle button. Activating the ability while it has filled only the Instinct level will make Io unleash an AoE to her enemies, knocking them back or stunning them in the process. Upon filling the meter up until Logic, Io will then unleash a powerful singular attack on the selected enemy. The attacks unleashed by the Instinct and Logic meters depend on her weapon of choice-- The darts would act as a long range or short range and is preferable for AoE though can also be devastating for single target if given the right situation. Her rapier acts as a short-range and is preferable for singular targets but can also act as a powerful AoE. Her mask drains the mana of her enemies when Instinct is used and health for Logic.

Pressing the L1 button brings up her techniques that she can use along with the techbar needed. From left to right, these are:

  • Cura [1 bar] - This technique gives Io the ability to cure status ailments.
  • Status Roulette [2 bars] - A technique that allows Io to throw her darts coated in venom and lightning. Various status ailments could manifest (with rarity of have 2 or more status in one hit).
  • Forearm Assault [3 bars] - Io uses her darts and throws them to the enemy's weak spot, guaranteeing a vulnerable state before proceeding to finish it off with her rapier.

Io's relatively lower health and defense is balanced by the use of her mask (and if players chose to do so, to put on her Casual Improved outfit) and her longer time-frame for countering. Most likely, the playstyle that was in mind with her set of skills is 'Hit and Run', chipping away at the more buffed up and well-rounded enemies with her techniques. She was designed to be played with taking advantage of enemies' weaknesses and utilizing her speed to the utmost best. This is especially evident against the bosses such as the Daemon!Artemus fight and the Mutant!Ariadne fight.

Lastly, save points/rest points throughout the game are small shrines dedicated to Ramuh and Io will point out (the first time she saves) that her clansmen are probably using this as a small sanctuary of hope and for the rest of their separated people to find and be assured. This is why they build one almost everywhere they go.




Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow. (Skip section)

Chapter 1: Strength of Heart, Will of Honor

It starts off with a cutscene showing Noctis, Prompto, Gladio, and Ignis talking to Cid and readying the Royal Vessel. The players learn that Io feels like she is not worthy to travel with the group to Altissia, stating that she doesn't want to impose on them much more. As Ignis and Io both had their final farewells, the boys left, leaving everyone else behind.

At this point, Io is gained control by the player and can look around and talk to the ones left in Cape Caem. When the player finally finishes looking around, Io talks to Iris to proceed the plot. There Iris quips that she appreciates her brother and what he's done for her but she wishes that he could just see how far she's gone through and how she's not helpless anymore. Io suggest going to a clearing to test out their skills.

Once the tutorial battle is over, a cutscene with Iris commences as she was about to finally 'get serious' with Io but is cut off by Dustin and Monica introducing some Hunters looking for Noctis' crew. As if summoned, the hunters approach her, as Io explains that Noctis and his companions just recently left for Altissia. Though they are disappointed, the hunters now turn to Io, who's been travelling on and off with the retinue for a while. They ask her if she could hang around and hunt with them while telling them her personal experiences with Noct and the rest, seeing as she's the best source for first hand information at the moment. In exchange, they claim to know someone in need of commissioned hunts and he can pull in a favor from some bigshot, such as lending a boat to travel to Altissia. Io perks up a bit at the last part but is still a bit hesitant to agree. Realizing it may be her only chance to catch up to Ignis, she agrees, and they set off to Galdin Quay. Along the way, several other options of random hunting would appear from time to time, indicated by a sudden blue mark. They are optional and unlimited, mostly to grind for money to buy curatives.

Once the player finally sets off and arrives at Galdin Quay, Io is surprised to learn that the man in need of the commissioned hunts is none other than Dino Ghiranze.

Chapter 2: Crossroads

Just as Io is surprised to see Dino, the feeling is mutual as he questions the lady why she is separated from the Prince's group. Io would answer that it's a personal decision she made on her own without regrets (though Dino will point out in a conversation later how she could have been spared all this trouble had she just asked to join them.) Dino decided to drop the subject and explained to them that he has one important patron that is willing to pay up ANY favors if the hunts are completed. This includes lending them his private boat. Io noticably cheered when she hears that but is cut off by Dino adding in another condition: To make sure that none of them would skimp out and pretended to have done the hunts (as he had experienced so many times), he will be participating in them as well, just to keep an eye out. The hunters initially protest, saying that it'll be hard to fight while protecting him from harm but Io agrees. She states that it's very highly unlikely that a man in Dino's situation be defenseless, especially when something inevitable arises (the quote may have been a throw back at Ignis' own quote when he defended Io from Gladio's scrunity.)

With the hunters appeased, they finally start the big hunts. In some cases, Imperial airships would manage to track them down, especially as they get closer to the encirclement area for where the beast is. Eventually, MT scouts would also linger, though everyone just assumed they were deployed earlier on. As they finish off the last hunt, they head back to Galdin Quay excitedly. Dino congratulates them on a job well done when his phone rings, abruptly cutting him off and ends the phone with a disappointed look. Dino explains that it was his employer who called just now, updating him with one last hunt. Since he scheduled the hunts beforehand, he explains that he won't be able to join this last one, as he also has other matters to attend to. Dino leaves the party before asking them to rest for a bit, letting the player explore around, buy some last minute healing items, save, and to access Io's DLC outfit.

To gain Io's Casual Improved outfit, the player must search near the docks and find a girl wearing a similarly styled outfit to Io's. Upon talking to her, a cutscene will play as Io realize that the girl is Monet Rubeus, her once assistant and hand-maiden. Io and Monet tear up after being reunited and Monet fills Io in on what has happened to Pacem. After Artemus' confirmed death, most of them fled sporadically, not really having any concrete plans. So far, they're stable and being led by Julius Estrella, her brother's right hand man. Io learns as well that most of her village-clansmen are asking for her whereabouts, with Julius leading on the expedition. Io questions her why they would look for her, considering she's already been married off. Monet sighs, explaining that as the other village betrayed them, she can still go back and be a part of the village. Io hastily explains that she's already engaged, to the Lucis monarch's adviser no less, and Monet tearfully congratulates her and apologizes for no being their for her. Monet assures Io that she'll tell Julius so he can stop the search parties now that she is rightfully engaged. Io has some mixed feelings towards Monet's statement, wanting to at least see them all but Monet cut off her gloomy thoughts with an inquiry.

She asks Io why she's still wearing the training outfit and comments that it's all ragged up. Monet then gives Io some new clothes, "one befitting our princess, then or now." With this, Io's outfit will be unlocked and the player may equip it on. She thanks Monet, finally ending the cut scene. The player may now talk to Dino once more for him to give the final coordinates and to go through with the last request.

Looking at the map, Io is surprised to realize that the final hunt will take place in the ruins of Pacem. As she hasn't visited it in a while, Io tells the group that she does not know what daemon lurks within the area and suggests everyone to be cautious. They fight some goblins and an iron giant, so far not quite impossible. Then, they finally face off a mutated Ariadne, one significantly stronger than any of the daemons the fought before. This is an IMPOSSIBLE fight and is scripted that the player may not use up any of their curatives.

Upon Io's health finally reaching 0, a cutscene will play with Io finally falling to her knees. Suddenly, a clap will resonate within the area, revealing Ardyn Izunia coming out from the woods. He explains to Io that he's been looking for someone to tell him where he might find the legendary performers he's had the pleasure of seeing once. Io stiffens, realizing that Ardyn is looking for perhaps what was left of Pacem and clamps her mouth shut in fear of giving away her partial knowledge (though she truly doesn't know where they are currently). Ardyn notices her stiff posture and mocks her, asking her if she were forced to choose between returning fully to her village or going along with Noctis and his crew, who would she truly pick. Io replies monotonously, stating that her loyalty stays true to the Prince and no one else. This will earn Ardyn a laugh and he will taunt her, telling her what he knows of her heritage and blood and where her true loyalty lays within her heart. Without being deterred, Ardyn berates her for her lack of a solid choice. He then stabs the mutant Ariadne and with dark eyes, asks her if she wishes to continue to pursue her heart and newfound 'loyalty', or if she wants to embrace what she believes in her heart and claim her duty as their princess.

For Love and For Duty - I am a Lucian

                                                                    For Love - I am not a Pacem                                                   For Duty - I am the Last Princess of Pacem

Chapter 2 Endings

Main Ending: For Love

As with Episode Ignis, during the first playthrough, only one option is available-- For Love. Upon choosing that, Ardyn will frown at her and will tell her it is a pity that she choose to delude herself before leaving. Io will then try to wake up her companions, her worry made her vulnerable to her surroundings. Upon her finally managing to wake up one of her companions, they were too late to warn her as Io is suddenly attacked from behind by a daemon, slashing at her throat and finally rendering her mute as with canon compliance. Normally, such an injury would have killed anyone, however, as the Spirits of Gaia dwelled in Io, they managed to protect her one last time before breaking off the blessing she has been bestowed with. With that, Io survives but not wholly.

In one last desperate attempt to fight, the players will take control of Io once more (and the ability to use curatives is restored as well) with a timer counting down at the upper right of the screen. Depending on what difficulty the player has chosen, the length would either be at a five minute mark or at a three minute mark. If Io is defeated in battle or if the timer runs out, it is an automatic game over and would reload to the last auto save (or the player may choose to load a save manually.) Once the player manages to defeat the daemon named "??? Daemon", Io will collapse, the screen will blur along with the voices of her companions. When the screen fully fades to black, Io's voice could be heard one last time, saying this line: "Ramuh above, hear my plea... Please keep them safe, even without me..."

The credits slowly roll, as it shows Io waking up confused as Iris fusses over her. She tries to ask what happened but she realizes that no sound or voice comes out of her mouth. The perspective then switches to a scene of Io looking worriedly while riding a boat and Dino comandeering it. He says something inaudible towards Io who simply shook her head as the camera pans toward the chaotic city, showing the destruction that the rite has done. Finally it switches to a rather solemn scene of Io hurriedly entering the hotel room the boys were in, and when her eyes gazed over to Ignis, she runs over and hugs him while crying in the process. The scene switches again to Io holding Ignis' hand in Cartanica, and she gently lets his gloveless fingers go over her scar. Ignis is shown to gasp or breathe in deeply as he hugs her tightly.

The next scene is of Ignis and Io, falling behind the team yet standing up without a fail. Gladio checks in on them as Ignis harshly responded, making Io pat his arm in comfort. Gladio seemed to have apologized, Ignis seemingly doing the same thing. The next scene briefly shows Noct being sucked in the crystal and everyone failing to reach him in time.

A new scene shows of Ignis seemingly fighting with Io who has tear streaks present and it is somehow shown how torn she is from what is happening. Ignis walks out, leaving her to silently sob onto their bed. Following that however, is a heartwarming picture of Ignis and Io apologizing, as they sweetly make up with one another. A small wedding with is shown next, followed by Io carrying a baby. Finally, it switches into Ignis donning his Kingsglaive uniform and Io in her Princess of Pacem attire as the two greet Noct. It ends as the camera pans to the sky, the night turning into dawn.

Alternate Ending: For Duty

Making up her mind, Io replies that she would take responsibility and that he has no need to remind her. Ardyn seemed surprised, not expecting Io to take his taunt seriously. She stands up and points Pax Silentium at Ardyn, daring him to challenge her. He simply laughs, telling Io that she made the right choice. Ardyn smirks and tells her that they would meet again as fate decreed and in a blink of an eye, he disappears. The cutscene switches into Io talking to Dino, as she confronts him about his patron. He confesses that he was threatened by the Imperial Chancellor, though he did swear that those hunts were the real thing and would have really turned into a problem had it not been settled. He apologizes and says that Ardyn has a boat that he lent Dino, so he can take her to Altissia. Io refuses, softly stating that she doesn't need the boat anymore and has only talked to Dino to confirm her thoughts about Ardyn. She wishes him farewell as the confused Dino watches her walk away.

Io meets up with Monet as the scene now switches to them meeting up with Julius along with the rest of the last of the villagers. They seemed surprised and relieved to see her as they cheer when Julius announces that she will take over and lead them instead. Monet looks at her curiously, knowing that she is engaged but Io shakes her head, silently asking her not to tell anyone. Monet simply lowers her head, as Io steps forward and raises her rapier, announcing how they'll reclaim Pacem once again.

The scene switches once again as it pans on an on-going brutal battle against a multitude of daemons. As one of the villagers were about to be killed, Io swoops in and finishes it off, saving the man. All dressed in her Princess of Pacem outfit, Io stands proudly over the dark of the night, defending what was left of the ruins in Pacem with the last of her clansmen. Julius stops beside her, reporting to her that all the females, elderly, and children have been sent off with Monet to head towards Lestallum. Her face shows relief as she thanks Julius for always being so reliable. He looks uncomfortable for a second before asking her why she didn't simply went ahead with her fiance (as found out through Monet later on) Io replies that she wanted to help her people first, maybe as repentance for failing Artemus before. She continues saying that Io knows she has no knack for leading, that she could at most be helpful for short periods. She wasn't raised nor was she born a leader, and finally apologizes for bringing everyone down with her. Julius says nothing and keeps his gaze down, knowing this will probably be their final resting grounds.

The scene ends and finally, the players take control of Io. The final battle plays out as something akin to survive each wave without any curatives. As the daemons grow stronger, more diverse, and increase in numbers in each round, it would be inevitable that everyone would be overrun at that point and upon Io's health reaching 0, one last cut scene would play. Ardyn is shown smiling mockingly as he tips his hat towards Io's direction and a whole new swarm of daemons spawn from him. One last close up of Io's tired and dirtied up face is shown before her eyes slowly close in resignation with the screen cutting abruptly into black. In white text, the words "For Duty." appears and fades into black.

Extra Verse/Verse 2: For Love and For Duty

Upon choosing the top answer, Io will first say that she is no longer a Pacem, for the rules of her village is just that-- All of the daughters born from the chief are to be married out. She is a political pawn, and she has accepted that role the moment she got engaged to the other party (before her side-quest and Noct and his retinue helping her out) and she has played her role. Before Ardyn expresses his disappointment, she continues to add that she cannot just abandon them in their time of need and that she has trust that Julius wont let them get to harm (which is true as shown in one of the documents found in the airship though she may not know it at that time).

"I am engaged to his highness', Noctis Lucis Caelum's, advisor and right-hand. By proxy and by ruling, my allegiance is to him and Lucis. I am a Lucian, and I cannot abandon my fellow Lucians to your despicable hands. If you lay a hand on any of those survivors, there will be no mercy." Ardyn is surprised and pleasantly astounded by her conviction and will, congratulating her on such a profound answer. "You'll be the perfect contingency plan then." he states that before knocking her out and the screen fades to black.

The next scene loads into an empty moving airship (but with various MT's sometimes coming to life) as the players now may control Io to walk around a bit and explore. There, she may find random scattered documents about information on the gathering of former Pacem villagers and notes that Ardyn actually doesn't quite know the specific place of their whereabouts now (implying that in the other ends, Io may have led Ardyn to where they were). Digging around further, the players may try to find other scattered clues and bonus content, such as notes on various research topics and some of Pacem's background. Once the player picks up the note in the marker, a cutscene will play as Ardyn surprises her by appearing behind her, asking if she's had her fill of exploration. She demands to know where is he taking her and he just laughs her off, saying that it is unbecoming for the future wife of the royal adviser to be so rude. Io tries to lunge at him but Ardyn side-steps her and teleports somewhere else. On the speaker echoes his voice and Ardyn makes various quips and taunts towards her and her insecurities as the least capable member of his highness' small following. Once Io arrives at a large opening and wide-space area, she finds Ardyn standing in the middle, back turned to her. He asks her a question.

"In due time, my dear... Perhaps, you can say that this is a matter of Fate being done as prophesied, don't you agree?"

Master Your Fate         All As Foretold

Extra Verse/Verse 2 Endings

Finale: Master Your Fate

"Not everything is set in stone, Chancellor. Prophecies exist to guide, not to fulfill."

Ardyn will sneer at her cruelly before responding that in due time, she'll learn her place in the greater scheme of things. He teleports using the armiger before a loud wailing sound stopped Io from going after him. She turns around and blocks the attack of a daemon that formed behind her. Within the speakers, she hears Ardyn going on and about how maybe this will distract her from the long and arduous journey without thinking too much about her precious fiance.

The battle starts as the player gets to control Io to fight the weird mutant daemon. NOTE: When it uses its powerful X-slashing attack, Io will get a new status ailment called 'Badly Poisoned' wherein 2 antidotes are needed to cure it. The longer it takes the players to cure the poison, the greater the health damage it takes away from Io. The player may wait it out however, it is ill-advised, since the drain is more likely to cost more than two antidotes. Attack and counter-parry its usual and default set of movements and as the health drains to half, the daemon would loudly wail once more and prompt a speech from Ardyn. He muses about the daemon feeling familiar and asks Io if she knows anyone from her village who fights like the daemon. Lastly, he adds in that of course, only a Pacem would know how to cure unimaginable toxins like what that daemon does.

At the second phase, the daemon is a lot faster with newer sets of attacks such as jumping, dodging by circling around Io, and lastly, two black nails forming like cutlass in its deformed hands are now used in attacking.

Finally, when it is down to its last 25% of its health, the moaning voice will slowly turn a bit human, someone Io is very familiar with. The black sludge will reveal the half-rotten, half-pained face of Io's brother, Artemus. Io looks in at shock, realizing that she has to once more put her brother down despite his death a few years ago. The speakers crack once more, Ardyn's voice booming in the speakers.

"Such a shame, truly. To think I even had the trouble of searching for the whereabouts of the rest of YOUR people. Now, it has come down to this, sister against her brother. Not to say I'm also immensely disappointed in you, my dear. Have you gone so far off with your romantic escapades with his highness' adviser to forget the face of your own brother?"

The battle resumes and while the Daemon!Artemus grows slower, his attacks become more ruthless and restless. Once his health reaches zero, another cutscene appears, as the sludge disappears, leaving Artemus' prone body on the ground, ashes flying away from his body as his body disintegrates. Io kneels down, tears forming on the edge of her eyes. Artemus smiles at her and tells her he's proud of her before closing his eyes and whispering 'Dona nobis pacem'. He disappears as Io full-blown cries at that point, realizing once more that her family truly is gone for good. She hears a loud boom and crash behind her before everything fades to black, realizing that the ship she was on has crashed.

Io wakes up near the entrance of the Keep, her body hurting from the fight and from the crash. She hears loud crashing around her and aside from the smoking aircraft she got out of from, she realized that the entire Keep is falling apart. Io walks slowly, being controlled by the player to avoid the falling debris as she makes her way down the destroyed building. She hears the clatter of fighting and Ardyn saying something to someone. Suddenly she realizes with renewed vigor that it was Ignis' grunts and screams of pain and doubles her effort despite the pain. Tears are dripping down from her eyes, as she hears Ignis' anguished pain and screams. In particular, she couldn't help but hate Ardyn more as he berates her beloved one.

"You best hurry up, boy. Otherwise, she might not like what she would see when she arrives."

Io finally arrives, a bit slower than usual due to her speed. It will show Ignis victorious as he falls to his knees, Ardyn in disintegration.

"The best laid out plans indeed... but I'm not... beaten yet..."

In a swift motion, he summons one more royal arm and stabs the tired and pained Io directly on top of her collar bone. Ignis realizes what he's done and cries out her name. Ardyn disappears with a loud laughter as Io stumbles down, blood slowly dripping down. She doesn't fall over immediately but with a pained grunt, she stands up and slowly limps her way to Ignis. She falls down nearly on top of him as she hears his harsh whispers of please be alright. Io oh so badly wants to speak, to tell him how much he means to her but all the came out is coughs of blood, the pain of the fight, the crash, and the stab finally catching up to her. She closes her eyes, her head on his stomach as she prays to Gaia, her song choked up but still sombre. It was enough to give Ignis more time, sacrificing her connection with Gaia as her vessel to momentarily heal the worst of Ignis' wounds, though it wasn't enough. Ignis fumbles for any curatives, but despite the small heal, he was still severely depleted in reserves. In his weakened state, he couldn't do anything more than move his head and hands, gently brushing over her hair as he cries out in grief. Suddenly, he hears more voices, Noct, Prompto, and Gladio appearing.

As what happened in the game, the three are anguished by the adviser's decisions, but this time the sight of Io makes it all more heartbreaking. Ignis asks Noct to save her, please and Noct responds with "I'll save you both." He asks the crystal to heal them and he warps to the crystal, willingly allowing himself to be absorbed by the crystal.

The credits soon start, with Ignis waking up and Gladio and Prompto telling him what happened. Beside his bed is Io's healed and sleeping form. He gets up and walks over to her. She slowly wakes up and as she does, she is engulfed by Ignis in a hug.

Scenes flash by: Ignis and Io gathering the royal arms Noct did not manage to get along with Prompto and Gladio, Ignis and Io researching various different sources to help avert Noct's fate, Prompto and Gladio gathering around experts to prepare the on coming eternal night, Io talking to Julius about relocating and preparing them for war. Scenes of Ignis and Io getting married in a grand spectacle and having Oriana also flash by briefly before cutting off to Noct and the rest with Ravus, heading inside the Citadel. The night switches to day, as it reveals Io, Oriana, and Ignis heading inside the throne room. Io and Ori steps aside and lets Ignis walk all the way to the bottom of the stairs. He salutes Noct before the screen cuts to black.

Finale: All As Foretold

"We are all heading to where fate guides us. It is only a matter of time."

Ardyn laughs, commending on her answer. He leaves her be not before setting off a mutant daemon at her. The entire fight with the daemon plays out the same.

"Such a shame, truly. To think I even had the trouble of rearranging the living conditions of YOUR people. They in turn, would have caused your lovely voice to vanish. Not to say I'm also immensely disappointed in you, my dear. Have you gone so far off with your romantic escapades with his highness' adviser to forget the face of your own brother?"

The fight and events leading to Io finding Ardyn and Ignis fighting off is similar to the first choice. However, as she was about to enter the fray, a Goblin manages to get a surprise hit on her, slashing at her throat. She stumbles back, potion at her hand before it fully affected her. However, the poison on the blades of the Goblins seemed to be the same as that of Daemon!Artemus' poison. The antidote will not heal her, try as she might. The burning sensation of her throat momentarily distracted her from the fight, as she tries to deal with the Goblin. Because of that, she didn't realize a beaten Ardyn behind her as he stabs her from her back.

"Truly, fate catches unto us in the least expected ways, does it not? Another Pacem like your parents, voiceless and helpless, hope in front of their eyes. So close, yet so far away. The young Scientia may have won our bout, but he certainly lost more than what he bargained for."

Io's sight slowly blurs from the stab, she momentarily hears Noct and the rest calling and surrounding Ignis and she knows he'll be fine. She wants to check on him, to tell him her feelings but she couldn't even manage a scream, throat burning and eyes painfully heavy. With a squelch, Ardyn unsummons his blade and disappears in the shadows.

Io lay there dying, hoping that Ignis made it out.

When Noct finished healing Ignis, he steps into the crystal. Gladio and Prompto carry him out of the keep. Prompto gasps though and they stop in front of a fallen body.

Ignis makes a brief sound of sorrow and pain as he steps forward and cradles the body of his fiancee. He tries giving her a potion, elixir, phoenix down, but he knows that they only work within a specific period of time. She was long gone before they could do anything. He fumbles for something in his pants and pulls out the ring he picked out in Altissia and slides it in her finger. He kisses her forehead as he carries her off, bridal style.

Bonus: Episode Ignis Decisions Add-on

Io is a gentle girl towards others and would often give off the image of an elder sister or even mother. Though she will prove otherwise how fierce she is in battle, she really is caring and gentle in nature. At the start upon meeting her, she proceeds to give off a distant and eccentric vibe, with dazed-like expressions being commonly seen. Revealed later on that it is simply because most of her traumatic memories were wiped out and repressed, leaving her with just her name as the only information she accurately remembers. Despite said memories being sealed off, she would nonetheless offer to help others even without prompted to do so, sometimes biting off more than what she can chew (though she will not regret doing so despite being the case)


When the development team decided on whether Episode Prompto or Episode Ignis would be the second of the episodes to be released following Episode Gladiolus, the team ultimately chose to save Ignis's tale for last due to its impact in the main story of Final Fantasy XV, and as such had a longer development time and polish compared to the other DLC episodes.


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  • Episode Io's various endings were supposed to be self-indulgent and non-canon up until Episode Ignis revealed the to be canon.
  • Io's World of Ruin outfit varies depending on which ending she has aqcuired: it stays as it is on her main ending but the various bells will not be present had the ending be the extra verse one.
  • Oriana's personality also differs, depending on which route is taken.
  • She had her own chocobo back in Pacem, a gray-ish-colored female named, Firo.
    • Speaking of Chocobos, Io adores chocochicks and would always attempt to pet them or hold them up. She has taken to calling any chocochick with light brown feathers to "Iggy" while a rare black chocochick would earn the nickname "Ebony".

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