Freya Atabis



1 year, 10 months ago

Basic Info

Full Name

Freya Tabitha Atabis




November 22nd (Scorpio)


5'6'' (167.50 cm)




Anthropomorphic Tabby Cat

Home Planet


Myers Briggs Result (MBTI)


Enneagram Result


Weapon of Choice

Various Kinds of Knives

Family Members

Felix (Parent)



 A bounty hunter wandering about in space.

 As the daughter of a soldier constantly in duty as a soldier working for the Aegus Legion, Freya had to find ways of taking care of herself while he was gone. When she had graduated from high school, she moved to Tellra to get into it's academy, where it is common to get a job at the planet's defense force once after graduating. Freya later graduates and qualifies to get in the defense force, managing to partner up with two other graduates to form a group. Two years later, that group grows to be one of the best in the Tellran Defense Force until the base's destruction had split them up. Now that she's dismissed due to the incident, Freya searches for work as a bounty hunter.


 Freya is often seen as withdrawn when others approach her, as she's either lost in thought or is preoccupied with something. Though she may be rude at times (and maybe even hard to predict for some), Freya respects those who respect her privacy and business. Even though she doesn't outwardly express it (most of the time), Freya really cares for her close friends, as she'd try to find solutions to their problems, usually uncaring on whether or not their motives are moral (which often leads to conflict when she realizes her mistake of helping them). She can also be very clingy towards others she takes interest of and is in catty to those who know about it. Since Freya is often on the move for jobs and things to do, she doesn't want have somebody weighing her down and would easily break ties if needed. Freya never refuses a challenge when given, as she thinks that she needs to prove herself as the best bounty hunter of the Serpmus System, no matter if it threatens her life or not.

 Strengths and Weaknesses:

+ Can be reserved during times of pressure

+ Generally not threatened by conflict

+ Independent and determined

- Uncooperative when in a bad mood

- Holds grudges for long periods of time

- Takes things too lightly when it isn't her problem


  • Rick Councilor: TBA
  • Marie Crevan: TBA
  • Zachary Merula: TBA
  • Felix: TBA

Likes and Dislikes:

+ Weaponry

+ Souvenirs

+ Free stuff

- Small talk

- Clingy people

- Bland food

Small Details:

  • She occasionally goes by the nickname "Tab" when in hiding
  • Even though she's very messy in organizing, Freya knows where everything is (and even has a fairly neat room)
  • Occasionally dyes her stripes into different patterns