Damian Scott



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The world of Impar is most certainly a different world compared to Pokémon World. As it stands, the world of Impar is one that is not only filled with Pokémon and humans. Oh no. Demons, angels and all kinds of oddities exist within this universe. However, to avoid disturbing the order of the world, these beings keep themselves in realms that rest opposite of Impar, only visiting the realm if they wish to explore the unknown. Very few actually live on the land that the Pokémon and human rest. However, there are creatures that disguise themselves as the beings that Impar is so used to seeing.

These beings are that of 'Nemos'.

Ah yes. Nemos. Some of these energy beings are known to be Emotion Eaters. What is an Emotion Eater? An Emotion Eater is someone who draws nourishment or power from another person's emotions, and will usually do what they can to instill those emotions in others. An example of these eaters is a man that goes by the name of 'Sebastian Scott'. However, his friends and family call him Damian.

Damian was once a human that became a Draco Nemo as well as the guardian of Arceus. How he became was certainly an unusual experience for him. Over the years, he slowly accepted his new occupation and species. In these years, the foxy male encountered a few oddities in the world that he would eventually call his friends and family.


6'6 ft (198.12 cm)
204.6 lbs (93 kg)


Damian has shaggy, reddish brown hair with the bang covering the left side of his face with a strand of hair neatly resting in front of his right ear. White streaks take up the front portion of his hair gradienting into his natural hair color. He carries a nicely trimmed goatee that match the color his reddish brown hair with bright green eyes that compliment his caramel skin. He carries a stocky built as shown here. His right arm is a cybernetic prosthetic limb (bearing the resemblances to armor) that reaches all the way to his shoulders with a similar anatomy to his left arm. Damian is often seen wearing a brown western shirt that is entirely hidden underneath his red poncho with a brown collar that can be pulled up into a hood with a red cord and yellow shards around it. He also wears light brown trousers with brown pouches around his knees and his hips. Fixed on his feet are brown work boots. Completing the outfit is a thin pair of black glasses.

  • Damian body is littered in scars. Most of these scars stem from various battles he was involved in and an incident with his village. His most recent scar is the one on his chest that he sustained from his battle with Naoto.
  • Damian lost his original right arm to the flames of Ho-Oh Sacred Fire years ago during the POA era. A friend of his has bestowed this specific arm he has now.
    • This arm comes equip with a mini forcefield and claws. However, Damian rarely uses it as he never saw the need for it.
  • Damian has a large number of tattoo-like markings on his body known as 'blessings'. Blessings are his species way of showing their allegiance to each other. Damian is able to hide these markings from plain sight.
  • The white streak in Damian's hair (and his right eyebrow) represents his role as Arceus' guardian. Damian complains that the white streak makes him feel old.
  • Damian doesn't actually need his glasses to see. In fact, most of the time he keeps them in a pouch.
  • When fully drawing on the powers bestowed to him by Arceus, Damian takes this form.
  • Found on Damian's chest are the plates. The plates are embedded into his chest as a result of an incident that occurred in his backstory.
  • Damian technically has two true forms. One is his Verum form (The one on the right) while the other is his Alacritas form.



  • Charismatic
  • Calculating
  • Theatrical
  • Curious


  • Bunnies/bunny related Pokemon. The male absolutely loves them and will shower them with love whenever he can.
  • Love. The male feeds off of love, so it should come to no surprise the male absolutely craves for it.
  • Singing. The male just loves spending time to himself singing random tunes. He blames Pixie Plate for that one.


  • Fossil Pokemon/dinosaurs. The male had a bad experience with them to the point he has a phobia of them.
  • His scars. The male hates looking at them and often complains that looking at them makes him feel disgusted in his body.
  • Spiraling. This happens whenever he finds himself reflecting on the past. He hates when it happens and always tries to avoid dealing with it.

"Justice is a dish best served cold, if it were served warm it would be justwater."

Damian's attitude is one of the things that lead people to question if he's truly Arceus' guardian. As noted by others, Damian is theatrical and charismatic (both during and outside of battles). He is a master of showing off and taunting those he shouldn't be taunting. This can often lead the male to come off as being disinterested and fearless when it comes to taking on things that one should worry about. The male strives on social interaction and relies on communication as a means to know someone. He is, after all, a curious man that tends to land in unfortunate situations because of his supposed shitty luck.

Damian has his moments where he can be a flirt and a gentleman. When interacting with bold characters, the flirtatious side of him pops out and often weaves words of seduction. While interacting with fancy or high-class individuals, he tends to present himself in a well-mannered way that adds on his already charismatic personality. When meeting anyone else, it becomes a mixture of both his flirtatious and gentlemanly behavior. His flirtatious side stem from the fact he does feed off of love and relies on his natural charm to get what he wants. Of course, the male is careful when it comes to getting too carried away. After all, he's married and certainly doesn't want to deal with his husband's wrath. His gentleman side seems to stem from his lessons from Arceus.

Damian is a sucker for fighting and always restrains himself from using his full potential for a fair fight. He gets easily bored with fighting weak opponents and only finds entertainment in fighting strong opponents who will give him a challenge. It's why Damian is having constant duels with his sister (Naoto) whenever he can as the female is one of the few that can actually hold her against him. Speaking of sister, Damian values family and friends very highly. He can be protective and loving of those he loves to the point that anyone betraying him does hurt him severely. It's why he never sought revenge of Naoto nearly killing him as he knew that was never her intention.

Now, it should be noted that the above is a partial mask that he used to get others to drop their guards around him. He does have his moment where his calculating and serious side tend to peek out. Those moments usually occur whenever there is a situation that requires the male to step forward as a leader. This side of him rarely shows up as the male doesn't really like this side of him. In his eyes, this side can be harsh and does reveal the darker side that he finds himself suppressing. This side is one where he questions if what he's doing is right and if can truly protect those he love.


Stamina 79%

Physical Strength 85%

Physical Defense 81%

Magic 75%

Magic Defense 80%

Speed 77%

Strategy 84%

Luck 35%

Muramasa [WEAPON]

Besides the plates, Damian's prized possession is Muramasa. Muramasa is a sword that Damian 'borrowed' from Shimera. Once belonging to someone known as the 'God Slayer', Muramasa's power has been stripped away. The strange blade has been forced into the form of a Honedge with the shape of a claymore. The sword is a snarky blade that often complains about being hungry for souls and keeps Damian from being distracted. The weapon is able to change forms based on what plate Damian's uses. More information about this can be found in Damian's powers. Muramasa is meant to replace Tempest, a sword that Damian has bestowed to his eldest child (Ness).

Enhanced Condition

Damian is a tricky male to fight when it comes to his enhanced condition. The male's physical abilities are not something to ignore as he is able to endure attacks that can easily destroy a normal human. Hell, he can survive being thrown off a cliff after getting blasted in the chest. Granted, he might fall into a coma but still. He likes to state it's because he's "too stubborn to die". His other abilities depend on what plates he is using at the time as he draws from them when needed. Damian is not an idiotic man. While he may not possess the intelligence of Kane, Damian is known to be clever..one would say as clever as a fox :D

Weapon Proficiency/Swordsmanship

Due to each of his plates using various different weapons, Damian is proficient when it comes to using the weapons they use. Of all of the weapons he tends to use, the sword is the one weapon that Damian considers himself the master of. His swordsmanship stems from his mother briefly training him how to use it as well as Arceus further teaching the art. However, the male can be cocky when it comes to the use of the blade. This is due to the male believing he's the best when it comes to swordplay.

Protector of Arceus

What does it mean to be a guardian of a legend? For Damian's case, his job is to ensure their peace amongst the legends and world. As Arceus's guardian, Damian is able to use a large chunk of Arceus' moves as the male has served Arceus for centuries. The moves Damian tends to use are the following: Double Team, Judgement, Extremespeed, Sword Dance, Zen Headbutt/Zen Slash, Shadow Claw and Earthquake. Now admittedly, Damian doesn't use Judgement often. He cites that it's because of the struggle he went through just by trying to learn the move has put him off from wanting to use it. This doesn't really please Arceus that much but hey. What are you going to do? Damian also has the Multitype ability which is explained further in the plate's section.


If there's something Damian is known for, it's the ability to change forms based on the plates used with Multitype. Each plate comes with different moveset and skills based on their type. Damian's appearance change depending on what plate he uses. After all, the plates are sentient rocks that take control when he uses them. There are moments where Damian does take partial control of the plates, but this is rare as Damian fully trusts them. In the last few years, Damian developed the ability to fuse his plates together to create fusions.

Nemo Powers

As a Draco Nemo, the male feed off of love and has no problem supplying himself with it given his love manipulation. He does have a true form that he rarely enters unless he has to or he's feeling angry. He has semi-immortality, making it so he doesn't have to worry about aging and what not. He is able to partially change the appearance of his fake form but rarely does so as he finds the ability to be unneeded. He's fluent when it comes to the Language of the Gods (the common tongue of normal Nemos) and the Tongue of the Lizard (the common tongue for Draco Nemos).A interesting thing to note is that he can change his appearance slightly. However, he's not experienced when it comes to the skill. At best, he can slightly change his hair color and even his clothes. However, he can't completely change how he looks. Damian appears to prefer to rely on the old-fashioned way of disguising himself.

Love Manipulation

Damian is a being that feeds off of love. As such, the male has powers to help him gain more of it when needed. Of course, Damian has the ability to take in love and absorb it. If the male is not careful, he can get drunk off the emotion. It doesn't happen too often thankfully enough. He has a few tricks here and there he learned from this power. Such tricks include the ability to detect a nearby source of love and amplify infatuation of individual towards him through the use of Infatuation Inducement. Now, the latter can work against him as it can lead to unusual situations.




On May 18, a gift was bestowed to the Scott family. The family of three, which consisted of Alena Scott, Drake Scott and their five-year-old daughter Isabella ‘Naoto’ Scott, were greeted by the small bundle of joy and love. This bundle was one that Alena herself had harbored for the last nine months. This bundle was none other than the healthy boy that was Sebastian ‘Damian’ Scott. However, his mother and his sister seemed to prefer calling the young male Damian as Sebastian seemed too formal for the young tyke.

Raising Damian and Isabella has proven itself to be a hard task for Drake and Alena as both themselves work as knights for the Kingdom of Masara. Being knights lead to one of the two occasionally leaving days at a time for a mission that would require them to leave the kingdom for whatever mission they were tasked with. Combined that with the fact that Drake himself had to maintain his mother's farm had led to Alena being the one who stepped down from a knight to raise their two children.

Damian’s life has proven itself to be a rather normal life. Well disregarding the incident when the male was five years old. The incident involved Isabella watching over Damian while their mother was tending to the farm Pokémon. Somehow, Damian managed to scurry away from his sister and encounter a group of fossil Pokémon. Said Pokémon attacked the male and could have killed him had a strange Hydreigon not appeared to save the male. The dragon took Damian back home to his mother while assuming the form of a woman. The woman returned Damian to his family. For Alena, it was an odd experience, to say the least. It was also one that leads to her becoming protective of her two kids. The fact she nearly lost her son was something that she couldn’t ignore.

The next few years of Damian’s life were mediocre. Besides his mother spoiling him, the male didn’t experience too many memorable things in his life. Well besides two major events. The first event was one that Damian himself didn’t put too much thought into. The event revolves around the disappearance of his sister and her Eevee, Jade. His mother and father told him that his sister had ended up moving out of Masara. It did upset him, but the male moved on. The male never did learn that was not the case. Yes, the two did indeed vanish, but it was due to Isabella and Jade being purposely left to die by their team by a group of Trevenant.

The other event is one that leads to Damian changing as a person. It is something that leads to the male’s world being flipped upside. The event is what lead to Damian once briefly hating humans and his entire kingdom. It all started when the male was 13. Damian had been exploring the forest near his village when he stumbled upon an injured Pokemon. At the time, most Pokemon were viewed as being a burden to the community. Very few were regarded as being friendly or, in some respect, good companions. However, this boy didn't carry that the view people had of Pokemon. As a result, he brought the creature home and took care of it on months on in secret. Now, this Pokemon was a strange one as it was much larger than the one the male ever was seen and had the ability to speak his language! It didn’t tell him his name, though but it didn’t mind chatting with him. The creature fascinated the male to the point he always tried his best to talk to the creature whenever he can.

It wasn't until a year later when his parents discovered what Damian was doing. On normal circumstances, Alena and Drake wouldn’t do such a thing. To Damian's misfortune, Drake (since Alena was a bit reluctant) told the villagers that the Pokémon had corrupted Damian and needed to be killed before it could corrupt more youths. The villagers surrounded the Damian and the Pokémon before they could escape. Well, mostly just the Pokémon as Damian did no harm. However, what happened next, was something that Alena would regret for the rest of her life and something that the Pokémon did not think would happen. Damian took the brunt of most of the attacks the villagers delivered as a way to protect the Pokémon. Filled with rage, the strange Pokémon stopped the villager’s assault and revealed its identity: Arceus. The God of 1000 arms paid no heed to the villagers' pleas of forgiveness. With disappointment flowing through him, the male summoned Kyurem and had the dragon freeze the town to force them into a state of hibernation.

However, Arceus work wasn't done yet as Damian was close to death. With the young male on his back, the male was about to go to Xerneas so the male could grant Damian eternal life but was stopped. By who? Well, it was the woman in the cloak that saved Damian years ago. Arceus was surprised as he was sure he made sure that everyone in the village was left in a state of hibernation. Just as he was about to say something, the woman actually gave Arceus himself an offer. She offered to ensure Damian would come back to life at the cost of the male’s humanity. Arceus was hesitant by the idea as he wasn't sure if he can truly trust the female. However, the woman, who revealed herself as Tiamat, pointed out that Damian wouldn't make it to the trip to Xerneas. After reflecting on the options, he had, Arceus decided to accept the offer.

Once Arceus accepted that offer, Damian's life changed completely as he lost his humanity and became a 'Draco Nemo'. Not only that but Arceus bestowed Damian's the role of being his guardian.

Becoming the guardian of Arceus and a Draco Nemo started off as a struggle for Damian. He had new responsibilities and had to deal with things that no normal person would have to deal with. It didn't help that he discovered that his sister being trained under Mew and learned what happened to her. One would think that with all of this, Damian would suffer a breakdown. Well, he did, but he soon realized that he had the chance to change the world. As Arceus guardian, he can help keep order within the world and ensure the safety of the legends that he would grow to care about. As a Draco Nemo, he can help defeat the Nemos hatred of other species show them the beauty and good things that they offer. As the brother of Naoto, he can help the female learn to trust people again. With all of this in mind, Damian continued his training as Arceus guardian and took the time to learn what it meant to be a Nemo.

It is unclear what lead to this, but at some point, the male and his sister were placed in some form of hibernation. Again, it is unclear why this occurred. What is known is that this lasted for 200 years and they were placed in a hidden level within Mt. Coronet. When they awoke, however, they were woken to quite a sight.


They were greeted by the sight of a smaller, weaker Arceus being attacked by Pokémon. The siblings were quick to save him. Once saved, Arceus explained to them what occurred. Apparently, he and his brother made a legendary Pokémon that went by the name of Shimera. This chimera Pokémon embodied the sins themselves and was meant to serve as a sibling of the two. However, the female ended up turning against her brothers and corrupting the legends with her sins. The way the human acted and what they have done made her upset to the point that she wanted to control them like how they controlled Pokémon. Arceus managed to give Mew time to escape and had his powers stripped from him. With the knowledge of this female, the Scott siblings set out to save the world from the female. However, they weren't alone.

They received help from a small group of people that were unknowingly dragged on the journey. These people would be the ones that Damian and Naoto would consider to be their friends and even loved ones. Their journey was a strange one filled with shenanigans, heartache and even despair. I mean with one of the things the group encountering being Masara out of hibernation could you blame them? However, in the end, the group defeated Shimera and managed to convince her to turn to the side of good. Well...as good as you can get if you're the embodiment of sins..so to the point where she wouldn't possibly kill or enslaved humans. Regardless, once the journey ended, the group moved on with their lives. Some continued their jobs as guardians of legend. Some settled down and focused on family life. Some decided to wander the world. In the case of Damian, he had the responsibility of being a king.

Having gathered blessings during the journey and having done what he can to ensure the growth of Nemos, the title of Nemo King was bestowed to the male. As such, the male had to balance a lot of things in his life. He had to serve as the symbol of hope to the Nemos, partially served as the guardian of Arceus, and be the father to the kids that he (unintentionally) had. It was hard, but he did what he can to push forward. He was thankful to have his husband to assist him and keep him on track. His time as Nemo King continued for a decade before he came to a realization.

Being the king wasn't his destiny.

He wasn't a terrible king. In fact, he was pretty decent at best. He was leading the evolution of his kind, and he was getting the experience of what it meant to be a good leader. However, thinking it over, he realized that he lacked the motivation to be a king. He lacked that desire to continue forward, and he was restricted in terms of what he wanted to do. He didn't feel like that at the point he was needed. As such, the male selected the Nemo King he felt would help the growth of the Nemos and retired to become a Nemo Elder. Once he was freed from his shackles of a king, he returned fully back to his position as the guardian of Arceus and a father. Through the decade after that, he did what he could to satisfy Arceus and ensure the world didn't fall into chaos. It was a peaceful time that was filled with mini adventures that he would embark on with the plates and those who cared enough to join him.

However, that all changed one day.

One day, Damian and Naoto found themselves in the middle of an unfortunate situation. Arceus and Shimera got in an argument over Shimera killing a human for nearly kidnapping her mate (Uxie). Shimera argued that they should have known better than to attempt to take her while Arceus argued killing the human was going too far. After bickering, the two decided their respective guardians (as Naoto assumed the position of Shimera guardian for the time being) would duel to decide what would be done regards to humans attempting to capture legends. Damian and Naoto went along with it with the intention of ending it in a tie as they felt the two were going overboard.

However, everything fell apart the moment Naoto hit Damian with her signature move.

It was a simple mistake. Naoto put too much power into the move, and it ended up hitting Damian's chest. How can anyone predict the man being sent flying off the cliff they were on? How can anyone predict the Mind Plate reacting with a teleport in order to save Damian as the male fell unconscious? How can anyone predict the chaos that was caused by it? The answer is...there's no way for anyone to predict it. No one was ready for all of that occurring. Everyone seems to believe that Damian was killed. For Arceus, this brought him rage. A rage that he never felt in years. With his rage, he announced a war to be started in Damian's name. A war that Shimera was fine being involved in as she knew what Naoto did was a mistake but saw this as an opportunity to release the rage building up inside of her. This is where the "War of Providence" begun. This war is one where those natural (Arceus) and those unnatural (Shimera) fought to establish the laws they felt would keep this world going.


But what did happen to Damian? The Mind Plate did teleport him away, but no one is sure where to. To this day, Damian isn't too sure where since he had gone into a coma for months after falling unconscious. For those months, the plates (having fused with the male to save his life) had been on the move. Having heard about the war, the plates realized just how dangerous it would be if they involved Damian in the way in his state. As such, they kept moving and moving. Along the way, they encountered Naoto (well the light half of Naoto as the female had been split into two) and ended up traveling with her. When Damian eventually woke up, the group did tell him what happened and spent weeks working to get Damian back to the strength he used to while trying to figure out what to do to stop the war.

To their relief, the group learned about Mew's side of the war. This side wanted to end the war due to the damage it was causing and was doing all they can to keep order in the world. After some shenanigans, the group ended up joining Mew's side and the process to stop the war begin. Unlike the first adventure, this one was brutal. Lives were lost, people came back mentally (and physically) scarred, and the foundations of the world changed. However, in the end, the war was stopped, and the process of adapting to the new world started.

As of now, it has been a few years or so since the war and things have settled peacefully for Damian and those he cares about. He's still doing his own thing while suffering through the nightmares of the things that happened in the war. However, the male is hopeful and ready for the next adventure. While some of his friends have retired from the heroic life, Damian is seeking the next generation of heroes to trained to ensure the growth of the world. After all, Damian has to prepare a new line of guardians of the legends. Arceus has given him the task of establishing the Order. The Order is a group of guardian that specializes in doing whatever they can to keep the world from falling.

And leading that group will be Damian himself.


Hikage Inazuma-Scott



Damian is married to one 'Hikage Inazuma' and has been married to him for almost 20+ years. Damian has joked Hikage as 'being so sassy' and 'such a meanie to him'. (It's a joke...please don't tell Hikage. Damian doesn't want to get slapped.) Besides that, though, Damian really does love Hikage and is often worried about upsetting the male in anyway. That or pissing him off. Pissing off Hikage is not a fun thing.

Naoto Scott


Older Sister

Naoto is Damian's older sister and is shown to be extremely close to her. While they do often scrabble over the smallest of things, the two share a unbreakable bond that never wavers despite their struggles. Damian has stated that he looked up to the female when they were young due how 'mature' and 'chivalrous' the female was when she was a knight. The two siblings often solve their problems through fighting.

Elizabeth Scott


Older Sister

Elizabeth and Damian do get along quite well despite everything that occurred during the War of Providence. Maybe a bit too. When these two are together, they are either pulling off pranks or stirring up shit that often earn the ire of Arceus/Shimera. This seems to relate to the fact the two are similar in personality. In honesty, Isabella might be one of the reason that Damian doesn't act his age most of the time.

Oliver Kane


Best Friend/Old Boyfriend

Damian is the one of the few people that Kane allows to call him by his first name. Even centuries after ending their previous relationship, the two do care for each other as shown by Damian being there for Kane when the male spent two decades without his lover and Kane being one of the few that knows Damian's tendency to internalize how he feels. Damian and Kane often bond over listening to musicals.

Edna Shima


Younger Sister

Despite Damian and Edna not seeing each other often, the two do carry a decent relationship. It's certainly not as strong as Damian's relationship with his other siblings but that doesn't seem to bother them. Damian does tries to visit her as often he can whenever he visits Masara to either babysit Felix (Edna son), visiting his mother (and her wife) or whenever he's checking on his Bunny Farm.

Setsuko 'Ness' Scott


Adoptive Daughter

In honesty, Damian treats Ness more like a sister than a actual daughter as shown by their interactions. Regardless, Damian and Ness do carry a tight bond and the two are willing to go at great lengths to ensure the other is safe. Damian does often call Ness his "little angel" (despite the female inheriting her flirty nature and doing things that one has to wonder how she manage to get away with given her position).

Charlie Harvey-Scott



Charlie was born through...odd means as noted by the fact his mother is a Nemo known as Quinn. While Quinn and Damian aren't in a relationship, the two did all they could to support him. Damian loves Charlie as he does remind him of a younger version of him (when he was human). With both sharing a love for music, the two spend time singing whatever songs they can think of or rambling about adventures they go on (as both carry a love for adventure).

Issac Clarke Scott-Stern



Issac was born through...odd means as noted by the fact his 'father' is a human known as Thomas. Damian did try his best to raise Issac despite the male spending most of his time being raised by Thomas. The two do share a decent bond and share a level of respect for each other. Damian haven't seen Issac as of late with the male spending most of the time with his 'grandmother' Tiamat. Damian is glad his son is growing up to a responsible man.

Percival 'Percy' Scott



Continuing the trend of unusual births, Percy is the biological son of Damian and Hikage as well as the youngest of Damian's kids. While Percy does give Damian a headache, he does love his baby boy..which explains why Percy himself is spoiled. Damian does tease Percy about being a magnet of somehow attracting people to him with the number of people who seem to have some form of crush on him. Damian calls it the "Curse of Scotts".

Alena Joelle



Damian is a mama's boy and he's not afraid of admitting it. Alena ended her relationship with Drake Scott 20+ years ago and is living a new life with immorality (and her new wife) while spending her time running the family farm. Alena was previous a Knight of Masara that ended up retiring to raised Naoto and Damian. Even with Damian being a grown man, Alena is protective of his son and often check up the male due to his tendency to get himself hurt.

Drake Scott II



Damian does not like his father. Considering the male was responsible for him nearly dying while protecting Arceus when he was young and the male did cheat on Alena, can you blame him? It's only until recently that Damian has been making the effort of talking to the male. He certainly has no plans on forgiving him and what not. He's simply doing it to be the "bigger man" here...and the fact that his father is...sadly the guardian of Cobalion.



'Mother Figure'

Tiamat is a female that saved him from dying and taught him the ways of being a Nemo. Damian does sees her as being second mother and does often call her such every once in a while. He does his best to visit her as often as he can as he does want to avoid worrying the female. The two often bond over reflecting over the state of world of Inanis and how things are going in the world of Impar. Damian is one of the few people Tiamat is noticeably kinder towards.