Ring Runner



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Ring Runner

Adult - Earth pony - Mare - Pan - August 3rd - Professional Skater

"Wanna race?"


Ring Runner is highly confident in herself and believes she can reach every goal she sets for herself. Her high self esteem and stubborness help her achieve each of those goals. She refuses to give up even when things look bad, and that's rewarded her some of the time. Ring Runner is clever and is quick to pick up new things. While she loves finding out new hobbies she enjoys, her first love will always be skating. She's very competitive and loves the thrill of winning a competition. Ring Runner is stubborn and will bend the rules she doesn't agree with. She's excellent at finding loopholes, exploiting them, and will use them to her advantage if she's able to.

During her free time, Ring Runner enjoys teaching anyone the things that she knows, and will always do her best to give some quick lessons or two after a race at the Equestrian Games. She likes giving out a pair of skates to some foal looking to get into skating. She loves seeing that she's inspired others.


Ring Runner has an average height for a mare, and is typically seen wearing her skates.


  • Equestria Games
  • Skating
  • Grilled cheese sandwiches
  • Teaching those younger than her
  • Donuts


  • Ice cream
  • Slow walkers
  • Groups of fans following her
  • Large bodies of water
  • Muddy roads


S/O: N/A
Parents: Unnamed
Friends: Blaze
Enemies: N/A


  • Proof of ownership
  • She lives in Baltimare and attends the skating race of the Equestria games each year.
  • She's been competitive ever since she was a young foal
  • Her dream is to be one of the best skaters in all of Equestria
  • During the winter you can find her on a pond ice skating. She's not as good but she still enjoys it
  • Her favorite donuts are the ones with strawberry frosting


She can be drawn with or without her skates! Though the skates are preferred
She can be drawn ice skating
Her skates can be any design or color


Ring Runner was born and raised in Fillydelphia. She was always confident in herself and loved to roam around the city. She could easily go up to somepony new and strike up a conversation. She especially liked talking about ponies who inspire her. When she was talking about her inspirations, some passerby commented on how she'd never be like them since they were all unicorns or pegasi. She stopped talking about the ponies she looked up to, and told herself that she'd prove them wrong. She may be an earth pony, but that doesn't mean she can't be some pony important or inspirational herself!

Ring Runner was rebellious as a young foal, more so than she is now, and ended up getting into trouble when she found loopholes through the rules. Even though she got in trouble quite often, she kept looking for those small loopholes because she found it fun. Some ponies said she'd never be nothing more than a troublemaker, others said she'd be able to help ponies out that way somehow. She never did listen to either sides since she was really just doing that for herself. Her competitiveness helped motivate her to do her best in things she wanted to achieve. She was even one of the first ponies in her class to get her cutie mark!

Ring Runner was at the park when she noticed some of the older fillies and colts skating. She watched them with interest when one of the colts came up and introduced himself as Nimble Nimbus. The young pegasus asked her if she'd like to try skating. Once she said yes, Nimble brought her over to his group of friends and they helped teach her how to skate. Ring Runner quickly grew to love skating, That night she asked her parents if she could have her own pair of skates. After a few weeks, Ring Runner had a pair of skates to call her own. She joined Nimble and his group often. One day she was racing with him, and after winning the race she found that her cute mark had appeared!

Time went by and Ring Runner would often join her friends at the skate park. She misses those times she had with Nimble. The two had lost touch and she hasn't seen him in quite some time. Now as a full grown mare, she entered into the Equestrian games racing competition. Ring Runner may not have won her first competition, but she did quickly gain attention. Over the years of entering, Ring Runner had become quite the popular contestant in the Equestria games. She had some trophies showing her wins that she was proud of. She hopes that her friend Nimble is out there, and hopes to reconnect with him someday. She likes returning the kindness he showed her by giving out old skates she doesn't use anymore to fans of hers.

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