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Adult - Pegasus - Mare - Lesbian - April 26th - Roller Skater



Blaze is a self-confident go-getter who gets bored easily. She's almost always doing something to keep herself occupied. Skating, going on a walk, hanging out with friends or family, anything besides sitting still. Blaze has a hard time sitting still and just relaxing. She can be a show off when it comes to her skating, and will try to do tricks she hasn't mastered yet. She loves showing off the things she can do, and teaching others how to the tricks.

After getting her cutie mark, Blaze has been too stubborn to give up on new things too quickly, even the things she finds boring at first. She doesn't seem to care about her reputation unless it comes to skating. Blaze can be easy to anger, and is more sensitive than she likes to admit. She hardly ever breaks down in front of others, including her friends and family.


Blaze has an average height for a mare


  • Skating
  • Competing
  • Racing
  • Sunny weather
  • Warm seasons


  • Rain and snow
  • Messing up a skating trick
  • Losing in the Equestria Games
  • Donuts
  • Puns


S/O: N/A
Parents: Unnamed
Friends: Ring Runner
Enemies: N/A


  • She lives with her parents in Fillydelphia
  • Even though she's a pegasus, she tends to keep to the ground, and enjoys skating much more than flying
  • She was one of the last ones in her class to get her cutie mark
  • She's not big on sweets but will eat them if offered by a friend
  • She loves hayburgers and hayfries
  • She still has the skates Ring Runner gave her
  • The yellow streak in her mane and tail are actually dyed! She started dying the streak about a year after getting her cutie mark


I can't think of anything! She can be drawn with or without skates!


Blaze grew up in Fillydelphia with her parents. She liked trying new things to get her cutie mark, and would often help her parents when she could. She'd help her mom in the garden, but found herself falling asleep due to how boring she found it, the same thing happened when she'd try helping her father sweep the streets. She wanted something thrilling! Something fun! But she couldn't think of anything, so she continued helping out when she could.

She was excited when she heard the Equestrian Games would be held in her town one year, and she begged her parents to go! She was disappointed that they couldn't afford to go. On the day of the games, her parents surprised her by getting her a ticket. They didn't have enough to get them all one, but thought Blaze would be just fine going on her own. Blaze thanked them and hurried off the the games.

She had her eyes glued to all the events, and was especially interested in the skating race. She had her eyes on Ring Runner, a new racer, and decided at that moment that she wanted to try skating out for herself! After the games, she went to the souvenir stand, and found that a pair of skates was too expensive for her to buy. As she was leaving, Blaze bumped into one of the ponies from the games, Ring Runner wondered if Blaze didn't like the games. After hearing that Blaze loved watching the other ponies, especially her, and wanted to get into skating, Ring Runner gave Blaze a pair of her skates. Blaze was ecstatic as Ring Runner explained that she loved seeing new ponies get into skating, and tried them on before she got home. She couldn't figure out how to skate right, and headed home after giving up.

Once she got home, her parents ask her how the games were. Blaze explained what happened, and how she got the skates. Her mom used the sewing machine to bring them in so they'd fit Blaze better. Once her mom was done, Blaze went outside and tried them out! She skated to a local skate park and got advice from one of the ponies there after failing at one of the ramps. After getting the hang of it, she enjoyed her time there until the pony pointed out that she had her cutie mark! Blaze was excited to come home and show her parents!

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