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Malstophet - 25 - He/Him - 5'8

Aspiring Rescue Hunter founder - Emitter


Peace be With You: And also With You (Emission and Enhancent) 

Malstophet has to ability to form a luminous golden halo that follows a set target, or himself. This halo may shield the target from any fatal damage caused by the secondary effects of attacks or the environment. Examples being, burns, hypothermia, poisoning, loss of blood, etc. Although does not prevent death from the initial impact of said attack or outside stimuli nor does it negate the damage itself, rather it just prevents death itself.

Additionally while this ability is in effect the target receives a boon to one of their physical attributes (defense, speed, stamina, or strength) which is selected by Malstophet himself. The effect of this ability lasts so long as Malstophet has the aura to spare. If the target received fatal damage during this time, when the ability is called off or fades away the target will then begin to perish.

Limitations: Only one halo may be produced at a time.


The Eucharist: Body and Blood (Enhancement)

With this ability Malstophet performs a ritual in which he sacrifices blood to increases all aspects of his physical capabilities.
The duration of this ability lasts until Malstophet either runs out of aura, is knocked unconscious, or until he sleeps.

Limitations: In order to meet the requirement to activate this ability Malstophet must make a blood sacrifice from himself or another living being. The former being more potent.
The strength of the ability increases corresponding to how much blood is given.
If the sacrifice causes the donor to die or lose consciousness the effect of the ability is immediately lost and cannot be reactivated for 40 days.